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Employee Perks: Some Ideas for Perks Your Employees Will Actually Enjoy

There’s a reason companies like Google, Netflix, and Airbnb are widely known for being great places to work. They know how to treat their employees. From free on-site massages to free vacations, these companies have shown a dedication to keeping their employees happy and healthy. Many companies have begun to follow suit after seeing the positive effect these employee perks can have.

Even if your company can’t afford to provide a hefty vacation stipend or treat employees to luxurious spa amenities, there are countless ways you can show your employees how much you appreciate them. Here are just a few employee perks that your employees will love.


Offer Remote Days

Sometimes you just need to spend a day away from the office. Allowing your employees to occasionally work remotely can be extremely beneficial, and your employees will appreciate having the option to do so.

This is especially beneficial for employees who have commitments at home, such as small children or pets. Giving your employees the option to work from home or at a remote location allows them to be productive outside of the office. What’s more, working from a different location will provide a much-needed change of scenery.



Make Your Office Fun

A typical work week can be tedious at times. A great way to counter this is by making your office a fun and upbeat environment. One way you can do this is by stocking your office with refreshments for your employees to snack on throughout the day. For health-conscious employees, try purchasing low-calorie packaged snacks like nuts and trail mix. Another way you can make your office more fun is by organizing activities during the day.

Walking meetings, impromptu dance parties, and potluck meals are all great employee perks, too. They bring a little fun into the work day, giving employees chances to loosen up and mingle. Additionally, consider hosting events outside of the office as well. For example, plan a company barbecue or an evening at a local baseball game. Making your office a fun place to work is a perk all its own. Your employees will look forward to coming to work when they know something exciting is happening!




Think Outside the Box

When it comes to employee perks, there are endless things you can do to give back to your team. Many companies offer more traditional employee perks, such as generous vacation time, health insurance, and parental leave. However, it can be fun to think outside the box.

Try to come up with more creative employee perks. For example, consider offering health-related perks, such as free or discounted gym memberships. Or give more fun perks, such as a make-your-own-latte bar or a free breakfast once a week. Additional employee perks could include employee recognition days, staff birthday parties, or therapy dog visits.


Show Your Employees Some Love with Employee Perks

Your employees work hard, so show them how much you appreciate them. To do that, implement some of these employee perks into your company’s culture.