Search engine optimization (SEO) is an ever-evolving market. And many people want to learn how to make money as a freelance SEO writer and marketer. However, if you want to start an SEO multimedia agency, take the time to read this article for a few tips on mindset, marketing, and sales.


To Be Successful, Maintain the Right Mindset

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The most vital thing to remember is that you are a disposable commodity as a freelancer. This means you must maintain the right mindset. Don’t allow yourself to become complacent in content production. Remember that your client is always right. When it comes time to shave their budgets, the freelance SEO will be the first to go. You must have a plan B even when Plan A is working out for you in the short term.

You must also learn to focus your mindset on business strategies. In other words, maintain a 70/30 profit margin. Just as your clients have budgets, so should you. This means you have to be mindful of not overstepping your profit potential for any reason. When you’re focusing on profit, you must put the needs of your business first. This will help you establish boundaries, policies, and procedures.

A Freelance SEO Must Also Be a Marketer

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There is much competition on the SEO market. That said, not all SEO companies have the ability to rank on the first page of search engines. If you want to market your business successfully, practice what you preach. To do that, show prospective clients how highly you rank. If you have never ranked with keywords, you are not an expert. Therefore, do not claim to be an expert until you have the results to prove it.

Generate Sales Organically

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Sales leads do not just pop into your email. For every lead you miss, your competition will gain. When it comes to SEO, established experts understand the value of outbound leads and take advantage of them. When that happens, the market gets smaller for you. Sometimes, it is the agency that responds first that gets the work. Therefore, if you want to generate more leads, try these tips:

  • Open an email address solely for leads that have push notifications.
  • Respond immediately to inquiries.
  • Have a designated routine with your company’s benefits so you can sell your services.
  • Follow up on sales leads every time you do not hear back.
  • Prepare for calls by determining a set of questions to value client potential, such as:
    • Has the client engaged in SEO in the past? Local? National?
    • What marketing campaigns does the company currently engage in?
    • Is the client interested in services like social media management or PPC?

You Have One Chance

You will only get one chance to show prospective clients your value. Therefore, you must make sure that every moment counts.

However, when you set up a system for lead generation, sales, production and retention, you have a system in place that works. You will learn with experience that search engine marketing is about smart decision-making. You will also find that with hard work and a committed attitude the rewards are worth it.