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Custom Essays: The Many Types of Papers ThePensters Can Assist You With

Are you working on a bachelor’s degree or an MBA in order to further your business goals? Many students order custom essays from




This site is a professional custom assignment writing service. The company offers a wide range of modern and convenient services, including custom essays. What’s more, every writer who works for them can write a wide variety of all types of custom essays. Further, their experts compose multiple forms of other academic papers as well.


A Writing Service for Custom Essays

The custom paper writing service known as will write or edit a simple essay or a complex dissertation. As we all know, it’s quite possible to buy cheap help at low prices. However, once you’ve done your best work, you’ll want only the best to critique it for you.

All the same, in the event that you do not see the required essay type on their site, get in touch with their customer support team. That’s because this truly is a custom service. Therefore, it’s quite possible that they will have a staff writer who can edit or even compose the type of writing you need as well. As you might imagine, it’s hardly possible to highlight and name all of the different types of writing they can work with.

To get an idea of what they can do for you, scan through this list:

1. Admission Essay

Aspiring students need this type of essay when they wish to study in a definite educational institution. An admission essay allows the student to explain why he or she wants to study in that particular institution and why they should be accepted.

2. Annotated Bibliography

An annotated bibliography is a summary of the informative sources that you used in your work. Your expert at will give you an evaluation of the sources you used in your paper. They will tell which sources you used properly and which were possibly unimportant.

3. Argumentative Essay

With an argumentative essay, the writer introduces arguments that prove or disapprove a certain theory. Your arguments must be convincing, and the data you use must be based on actual evidence.

4. Business Plan

As a business owner, this assignment could be quite valuable to you. A business plan describes a new business. It includes various factors concerning the business’s products or services. It also includes a plan and a prediction of the business’s likelihood of success.

5. Case Study

A case study gives a specific example from a broad field of research. It’s an in-depth examination of one case that exemplifies the whole. It is not a statistical survey but focuses instead on one particular sample.

6. Review will also write or edit article, book, and movie reviews. A good review highlights the main purposes of the works in question. The writer should take care to define the main idea of the article, book, or film and draw appropriate conclusions.

7. Coursework

Every student must complete various assignments during the courses they take. Coursework is widely varied, as it focuses on the academic course in question. The nature of coursework will depend upon the professor’s assignments as well. Therefore, coursework can either be short or lengthy.


8. Creative Writing

Creative writing generally requires no scientific research. Rather, the emphasis will be upon something such as character development, a narrative tale, or poetry.

9. Critical Thinking

In a paper that calls for critical thinking, you should definitely do your own work. One of the main reasons people choose to further their education is that they wish to become better at critical thinking. And you won’t become better at critical thinking if you fail to do your own work.

In a paper devoted to critical thinking, introduce reasoned judgment. Further, your arguments will need to be well thought-out. Additionally, draw logical conclusions from the material you have researched and introduced in your paper.

10. Term Paper

A term paper discusses a particular topic in great detail. Commonly, a professor will assign a term paper as a major factor in the student’s grade. Depending upon your professor’s guidelines, your term paper might describe events, argue points, or introduce concepts.

11. Research Paper

A research paper is based on the student’s original research about a particular topic. You will be expected to make an analysis and interpret your findings. A research paper might be a term paper, a master’s thesis, or a doctoral dissertation.



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