Photo by Donald Tong from Pexels

When it comes to marketing your small business, there are several types of outreach. For instance, there’s face-to-face contact. Or you could turn to social media. Alternatively, you could print flyers or place ads in newspapers or magazines. Additionally, you might create a podcast. Even more powerfully, you could create a video, based on a video script that you prepare.

The numbers are in. Video has been shown to be especially compelling to consumers. As a matter of fact, if you were to place an optimized video on your website’s home page, your site could immediately be 53 times more likely to end up the front page of a Google search.

Ah, but the operative word here is “optimized.” Therefore, your video must be as nearly perfect as you can make it. And the first thing you’re going to need is a top-notch video script. Then, when it comes time to produce your video, you’ll want to consider hiring a professional video company.

But let’s start with what it takes to come up with a captivating video script. That’s what this post is all about.




Start with a Brief

If your business is putting together its first video script, you will need to decide on your message. Also, you’ll want to develop a compelling concept for your video script before you start production.

Therefore, you will need to get organized. You will need to understand what the purpose of your video is. For example, you’ll need to be clear about these aspects before you begin:

  • The topic your video script will cover
  • Your audience’s key takeaway
  • The video script’s main message
  • The action you want your audience to take

If you have decided to hire a production company, be sure to keep the lines of communication open during this phase. The folks who will be producing your video will want to understand your concept. When you have clarity about your concept yourself, you’ll be able to more easily convey your ideas to the people on your production team.


Write the Video Script

The next step for your video script is to write it out. Your writing will include dialogue, action, scenes, and any extras that you envision. Keep your platform, your brand’s tone, and your audience in mind as you write.

Especially in your early drafts, write everything down, even if what you’re writing seems self-explanatory. You can always edit unnecessary material out in later drafts.

Therefore, write out each step that’s involved. This includes all action, any change-of-focus shots, and any text you want over which specific images.


Do a Run-Through

Before you start shooting, give your actors time to run through the video script a few times. This will give you and your crew time to make adjustments. For example, perhaps there is language that does not flow smoothly. Perhaps you’ll want to fine tune your message. You can use your phones to video these practice sessions for playback and critique.


Take Your Video Script into Production

So now, you have refined your message and written out a complete video script that conveys your concept. Your actors and crew have run through the video script.

Therefore, your video is ready to move into the production phase. Before you know it, your website will feature a fine video that will bring more visitors who stay longer. Your site will climb higher in the rankings, and, best of all, your business will have more conversions.