ClicksDealer Ad Flipping Platform Review

Image Credit: FirmBee on Pixabay

If you have come across—or simply ClicksDealer—chances are, you would think it is not a legit platform and might be a scam. Well, you have come to the right place. This ClicksDealer ad flipping platform review will help you better understand what the platform is all about and how it works. More importantly, you’ll find out if it is indeed a scam or a legitimate platform to earn money.




What is ClicksDealer?

In essence, ClicksDealer is all about flipping advertising banners. It is a brand new online work from home platform where you can make some extra cash. The most interesting part here is that it can be done by anyone even without previous marketing experience. All you have to do is to buy, sell, and flip advertising banners on the platform, a process that allows you to generate income.


How Does ClicksDealer Work?

The premise of the platform is pretty simple: Buy ads directly from the platform and earn money once people start clicking on them. Keep in mind that these ads will be run on third-party sites, not just on the platform. And as people visit these third-party sites, they will get to see these ads and click on them. From there, you will earn money from every click they make. It is worth noting, though, that other users on the platform are able to bid on these ads (or some of them) and buy them later on (any user can put his ads, or some of them, to auction).

In case you are wondering, what is ad flipping anyway? What is that supposed to mean? Ad flipping simply revolves around the idea of the term “flipping.” The latter is basically purchasing a revenue-generating asset (in this case, ads) and quickly reselling (or “flipping”) it for profit. As mentioned, users can buy and sell advertising banners on it. The platform then supplies the software that allows users to flip ads and earn money in the process.

Unlike its competitors, the platform is packed with thousands of top-notch banners and extremely good traffic from direct publishers. It even allows you to transact in real-time using an intuitive interface, which is an advantage if you are new to this type of field. To ensure your safety, the platform promotes strict compliance measures.

What makes ClicksDealer a unique platform is its inclusion of account managers. These are the people who will be there with you throughout the entire advertising process. And if you require help or you simply have an inquiry to make, it has a 24/5 technical support.


How You Can Profit From It

Again, the platform does not require you to be a marketing expert; neither do you need to have an experience in this field. Once you are signed up, you will see different types of banners, all of which can be purchased and flipped for more profit. If you think you want to see the ad later down the line and get a better one, you can post it on the platform for auction. Once someone is interested, he/she can place a bid. If you want to earn big, try buying top-performing ads. It would also be best if you work closely with the account manager you will be assigned to.

While the platform guarantees you the ability to earn money, it is not a “get rich quick” type of thing. You have to exert effort. This is the kind of investment opportunity that helps ordinary individuals, even without marketing experience, to generate income. At the end of the day, you just might find a viable investment opportunity to take advantage of.