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Long before modern advertising, businesses relied heavily on their customers to tell others about their products and services. Today, online business reviews blend word-of-mouth marketing with digital marketing. That is, they encourage customers to share their thoughts about your business with millions of strangers around the world.

While this may seem nerve-racking, online business reviews are important. Here’s why.



Online Business Reviews Can Enhance Your Online Reputation

Reviews are what shape a company’s online reputation. No matter how much effort you put into marketing, customers judge your company judged by the reviews they read about it. They pay attention to the number of stars other people have given your company when they’re searching for products or services. Furthermore, a good online reputation improves a company’s website ranking on search engines and increases its visibility.

You’ll Get Free Marketing

Online reviews act like free marketing. What’s more, a couple of positive reviews can have more effect on a business than a basic marketing campaign. Unlike a marketing campaign that is only seen for a short period of time, online business reviews become a permanent part of your company’s page. In other words, potential clients will continue to see and read them, possibly for years to come.

Furthermore, your business could receive additional marketing as well. For example, consider the reviews of independent companies you’ll find on MangoMatter.

Enjoy Increased Sales

Online business reviews are important for a company because they influence consumer behavior. People are always more willing to pay for a product or service that others have reviewed and recommended. Consumers make purchasing decisions based off of others’ experiences.

Therefore, positive reviews will translate to better business for your company. A potential customer who stumbles on your page could be convinced to make a purchase simply from reading positive reviews.

Learn What Customers Really Think About Your Business

Online business reviews are generally honest. This attribute gives companies a great opportunity to hear from their customers. Through online business reviews, a company can know where they are going right and where they need to make improvements. This allows them to improve their products and services. It allows them to ensure that their customers always have a positive experience. Taking suggestions and critiques from customers shows that a business is committed to satisfying those customers.

Create Relationships with Your Customers

Online business reviews also allow a company to create real relationships with their customers. Therefore, you should always strive to respond to online business reviews. Whether it’s just saying thank you for positive reviews or trying to get to the bottom of a negative review, customers love to see initiative from businesses. Online reviews also allow customers to interact with each other. For example, they can share with each other their experiences with your company. This type of online consumer engagement is great for a business.

Word-of-mouth marketing is a powerful marketing tool that can shape a company’s reputation and success. What’s more, the modern version of word-of-mouth marketing is even more powerful, especially when you stop to consider the Internet’s extensive reach.

Online business reviews provide a powerful platform for consumers to share their thoughts about a product or service. Therefore, you should pay close attention to these reviews. They represent an important opportunity for you to understand and interact with your customers.

What’s more, online business reviews directly affect your bottom line.