Whether you need a van for business or for pleasure, it’s not easy to choose a transport van rental service. That’s because there are so many variables involved. What’s more, there are so many companies, all with different offerings.

To help you in your quest, below is a list of 10 things to consider before choosing a transport van rental service.

1. Will You Need Insurance?

Is the transport van rental service fully insured? This means that all the vans have proper legal coverage. What’s more, the cargo should be insured, as well as the vehicle. Specifically, goods-in-transit insurance covers any loss or damage to goods in the event that the van is burglarized or accidents occur.


2. What Size Van Do You Need?

The van service must have the right size and make for your specific purpose. For example, will you be transporting people or goods? Either way, the size of what you’re transporting will be a deciding factor in the type of van needed.

3. Compare Prices

There are plenty of fish in the sea when it comes to transport van rental services. Therefore, sniff around for those offering the best packages.

You can find out from their websites or call their customer service desks. Depending on where you are going, various companies may provide extra package deals at a fee. For example, will you need bicycle racks or a car seat for your baby?

4. Do They Offer a Helper or Driver?

Depending on how you plan to use the van, you might or might not need a helper or driver. Companies like Transport Executive offer “a man with a van” to drive the van for a fee. Or they will help you load your things into the van.

5. New Vans Are Pricier

Avoid companies that have all new vans. Instead, consider a service that offers properly maintained used vehicles. You’ll get the same value of service at a more reasonable price.

6. How Far Is Your Destination?

Transport van rental companies charge you for the kilometers you intend to cover with the van. Only a few companies offer unlimited packages. This means they place no cap on the distance you can cover and no further charge. However, such packages are relatively expensive.

7. What Is Their Support Plan?

Find out whether the van rental service has a comprehensive roadside help plan. Some companies offer this service for free. This is especially the case when it comes to mechanical problems, since these are out of the control of the customer. However, for problems such as flat tires, you might have to part with some cash.

8. How Is Their Reputation?

Find out more about the service’s reputation from friends, family, and other people who have used it. Look for online reviews about their services. And check whether they have a history of customer satisfaction or run-ins with the law.

9. Will You Be Able to Smoke in the Van?

If you are a smoker, be advised. Most rental van companies will bill you for cleaning out the smell. Find out about their policies before committing.

10. Will You Need to Return the Van with a Full Fuel Tank?

Typically, you rent a van with its fuel tank full and must return it the same way. Some companies may even slap penalties on customers who return the vans with empty tanks. Be sure to find out about this matter and be prepared.

Get the Most from Your Van Rental Service

Whether you need a rental van for your business or for pleasure, you expect value for your money. Therefore, finding the right van rental service can take some time and effort. However, if you follow the checklist here, you will be on your way to getting the most from your van renting experience. Enjoy!