Former CEO Creates a Foundation for Under-Recognized Charities

Technology leader and former CEO of Polycom, Andrew Miller, recently created the Andrew Miller Foundation. What is especially relevant about this foundation is that it aims to support underfunded charities.




The Foundation Supports Small Bay Area Charities

Miller’s foundation calls for supporting a number of small Bay Area charities. Specifically, these include:

Javistrong54 Foundation

Jake Javier was paralyzed because of a terrible accident the night before he was to have walked across the stage for his high school graduation. Rather than indulging in self-pity, however, he started a nonprofit foundation, Javistrong54. Specifically, his organization seeks to help other young people who have been similarly injured.

The Hidden Genius Project

Among the foundation’s recipient charities is the Hidden Genius Project. This is an Oakland organization that trains and mentors young black men in technology, entrepreneurship, and leadership skills.

Teen Esteem

Another of the charities that the foundation supports is Teen Esteem. This nonprofit aims to empower students, parents, and educators with regard to the challenges of being a young person today. Moreover, the organization emphasizes the importance of respect for self and others.

The Moment by Moment Foundation

Photographers with the Moment by Moment Foundation capture moments in the lives of terminally ill children

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society fights blood cancers by raising awareness and supporting research.

Roots of Peace

Some of the foundation’s work extends far beyond the Bay Area. For example, Roots of Peace works to restore economic vitality in post-conflict regions around the world.

Beyond Differences

Beyond Differences works with high school and middle school students. The organization encourages activities that allow every student to feel accepted, included, and valued by their peers.

ChefsGiving Week

ChefsGiving Week is a fundraiser for those whose homes and lives were devastated by the recent Northern California wildfires.


About Andrew Miller

Miller has worked with a number of charities for years. This includes the time during his tenure at a number of major tech companies. His foundation carries his charitable work even further, however. The aim of his foundation is to create awareness for underfunded charities in the Bay Area and around the world.

By way of some crowdfunding and public relations projects, the organization hopes to achieve viral campaigns. These campaigns will be designed to spread the word about these worthy organizations. Numerous nonprofits these days suffer from a dearth of cash flow. However, Miller’s foundation is hoping to generate some of the revenue these underfunded charities need.

At the end of 2017, Miller released a year-end statement. In it, he called on tech companies and philanthropists to help support nonprofits that have small budgets.

In addition to his work with struggling charities, Miller has been a leader in tech and mobile solutions for more than two decades. What’s more, he was a keynote speaker at Microsoft’s Worldwide Mobile Congress. Additionally, he has amassed an impressive resume for driving profit and growth in every company he has touched.


Learn More by Visiting the Foundation’s Website

Be sure to visit the foundation’s website to learn more. Sign up there, too, and keep up on the latest developments. In this way, you’ll be able to see what charities need your support, both now and in the future. If we want to have a world that works for everyone, we all need to pitch in.