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Business communications are key to productivity. Done well, they spur creativity. Further, they can enhance team bonding and the building of professional relationships. What’s more, if your company encompasses regional or even global offices, fully integrated business communications are even more critical.

In this post, we share how you can create a virtual work space that keeps your team connected, no matter how far flung individual team members may be. Whether it’s video meetings or file sharing, the new Webex Teams can help you to fully integrate your business communications in 2018.




Take Advantage of Advanced Tools

Business communications are about more than just keeping up with emails and company newsletters. A full range of business communications tools will allow your teams to work together and communicate efficiently. They will be able to complete important tasks, whether those tasks are analytical or creative. What’s more, they will be empowered to come up with brilliant new ideas for your clients. Alternatively, they will be equipped to use these tools to better organize your company’s internal processes.

Fully integrated business communications tools will streamline those internal processes, too. Instant messaging, the sharing of large files, and easily accessible work calendars can all work together seamlessly. Further, it’s cloud technology that brings everything together.


Engage New Ways of Collaborating

Video meetings are a large part of productive business communications. However, in order to bring video meetings to life, you’ll need services such as those offered by Webex Teams.

Integrate your business communication tools under one overarching system that will allow you to:

  • Take advantage of instant video calling
  • Share screens
  • Use digital whiteboards with your already-existing business applications
  • Easily access files and other resources, right there in your virtual meeting space

These features will ensure that your teams will benefit from more productive meetings. In short, they will revolutionize the way your teams collaborate.


Meet Business Needs in Real Time

One of the biggest costs to businesses is travel. Whether your teams travel between offices or to external meetings with clients and partners, you have to ask yourself, “Could this be done with video instead?”

Old methods of working are giving way to new ones. For example, many offices now encourage flexible working. As you look at ways of accommodating your employees’ needs, could video be a viable solution? Might you thereby save both money and time?

The old model might ask several people to spend half a day traveling to a face-to-face meeting. Instead, set up a one-hour group video meeting, saving everyone wear and tear.


Webex Teams Can Help

With Webex Teams you’ll enjoy a simplified way of working. Crystal-clear audio and video, fully synced in real time, will make you feel as if you’re in the same room with your collaborators. What’s more, you’ll have effortless access to fully integrated tools. Even if your company has a BYOD (bring your own device) policy, Webex Teams will enable seamless unification of everyone’s technology.

What’s more, the advanced systems offered by Webex Teams allow for external guests to join meetings in ways that don’t compromise security.


Integrate All of Your Business Communications in One Place

So if you’re looking for a way to unify your business and integrate all forms of communication in one place, consider Webex Teams, the new tools on the block.