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Recent Survey Reveals Attitudes of UK Business Owners Toward America

Have you ever thought about why people expand their businesses to America? On the other hand, have you wondered why they don’t? America is a business hot spot. It holds the status as the largest economy in the world. You might would think that would be as a good enough reason as any to do business there. However, the US does have its flaws. Therefore, some people decide not to do business there. Recently, UK business owners shared why they were reluctant to move their businesses to the US.




Survey Reveals Attitudes of UK Business Owners Toward America

A survey was recently commissioned by American expansion experts Foothold America. The results revealed a number of reasons why business owners in the UK are hesitant to expand their businesses overseas.

For example, the election of Donald Trump prompted 51% of UK-based business owners to admit that they were either less or much less likely to expand to the US. Moreover, almost half of UK business owners said that US politics in general would deter them from expanding to America.


Some UK Business Owners Look on the Bright Side

It isn’t all doom and gloom, however. That’s because business in America is thriving. Therefore, if you own a business in the UK, expanding your business to the US is likely to have many benefits.

Some of America’s main attractions are their access to world-class talent. What’s more, there is no language barrier for UK business owners. This point is favored by 46% of male business owners in the UK. For some, better weather made the US a more appealing location.


Review the Survey Results Below

If you would like to know more about UK business owners’ thoughts on business in the US, you’ll find some interesting statistics on the data cards below.

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