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Install an office garden to enhance your staff’s well-being. It’s easier than you think, and your business will benefit, too.

Picture the scene….

You’ve been at your desk for eight hours nonstop, typing with terrifying speed and reaching the limit of your stress levels.

As your blood pressure rises, you don’t make another coffee or rest your head on your table.

Instead, you head out of the office entirely and wander the grounds of the office garden.

You breathe in the aroma of lavender and admire the colorful foliage and tantalizing succulents. All around you is a sea of calm that’s reminiscent of a Japanese garden in a Buddhist watercolor.

And quietly, you breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out until equilibrium settles in your brain.

Perhaps this sounds like an impossible dream, but many businesses are increasingly interested in the mental well-being of their employees. Global thought leaders like Arianna Huffington have spent years championing positive attitudes with regard to mental health from managers toward their employees.




Some employers think installing a pool table in the break room is enough, while others believe buying a few intoxicating beverages on a Friday afternoon will keep employees feeling positive.


Invest in an Office Garden for True Rejuvenation

But if you want to make your workplace a haven of relaxation in the midst of the hubbub, investing in a garden is a safe bet.

To help you coordinate your office garden, consider installing these choice solutions.



Your garden shouldn’t be merely a repository for plant life. In order to break the monotony of greenery, make use of a few well placed stones. This could mean a strip of gravel to be used as a pathway or a pile of stones fashioned as an ornament.

This will literally put the rough next to the smooth in your garden. Is there any stronger metaphor for business?

Where to Buy

For expert stonework and bags of gravel, you can’t go wrong with a long-standing company like Marchington Stone.



Succulents are plants which are thicker and fleshier than other plant life. For instance, cacti are succulents.

The benefits of succulents for a corporate garden? They’re easy to maintain and take very little watering.

If you’re planning to create your office garden indoors, succulents are even more appropriate. Not only do they need very little water, they don’t require huge amounts of sunlight.

Where to Buy

Your local IKEA will stock loads of succulents.



What good is a garden if you can’t sit in it and watch the world go by?

Garden seating is a tricky business, however. Fill your seats with cotton padding and they’ll get damp in the rain. But make them too metal and they’ll seem cold, hard, and unwelcoming.

Where to Buy

The fine art of great garden seating can be perfected at a large store like B&Q.

That’s our list! Can you think of any other features that can make or break a garden, particularly an office garden?