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Want to Be a Personal Trainer? How to Become One at Origym

Do you have a passion for fitness and physical health? Do you dream of actually being a personal trainer? In this post, you’ll find all you need to know about becoming a personal trainer at Origym.




Qualifications Provided at Origym

  • Level 2 Personal Trainer Qualification

The Level 2 training is a basic course in physical fitness. This is the most common first qualification most personal trainers undertake. Upon qualification, you will be eligible to work in a gym or other fitness facility as an instructor. You might also choose to work in a training institution. It takes six weeks to complete this basic course.

  • Level 3 Personal Trainer Qualification

After completing this eight-week course, you will be qualified to be an independent personal trainer. In this course, you will learn much about physical exercise in general. You will also learn about the anatomy and physiology of the human body. A Level 2 Personal Trainer Qualification is a prerequisite for this course. However, you can choose to study both courses as a combined package.

  • A Certificate in First Aid

In all areas of fitness learning, client and trainer safety is paramount. Therefore, it’s essential that you to earn a first aid certification. This will equip you with the proper skills in case an accident occurs while you’re training someone. Knowing what to do in a timely manner can save a life. What’s more, insurance companies will be more cooperative if you have this certification.

  • Personal Trainer Insurance

Personal trainer insurance is not a legal requirement. However, it will work in your favor in the event of a major accident during a training session. This is especially the case if that accident should put your client out of work for long. Without this insurance, you would be held personally liable for any costs associated with the accident.


Open up Your Career Choices with Origym

Various institutes offer a wide variety of personal trainer qualifications. Levels, duration, and modes of study at these institutes vary only slightly. The most important factor is to study under bodies that are accredited by the state.

Wherever you choose to study, these courses can be expensive. However, they will open up your career choices. What’s more, they will help you to exceed your current limitations as a practitioner.

Most of all, your qualifications will act as a gate pass to the fitness industry. Thereafter, you’ll just need to maintain your skills with diligent practice. Additionally, you’ll need to develop some business skills as well. Business skills will help you to thrive in your career as a personal trainer.


Characteristics of a Successful Personal Trainer

1. Be Confident

Your sense of confidence affects how your clients view you. The more confident you are, the more time they will give you. Additionally, your physical energy is directly proportional to your self-confidence

2. Be Social

Your nonverbal and verbal communication is an essential bond between you and your clients. After all, it’s your goal to keep them satisfied in your training program. Therefore, be sure to remember your clients’ names. Also, try to remember a little something of what they have told you about themselves. Learn to keep the focus on them at the gym, instead of on yourself.

3. Show up on Time

Be punctual. This will show your clients that you are reliable. It also indicates that you respect their time.

4. Be Mindful of Your Clients’ Activities in the Gym

If you are training more than one client in a gym at any one time, keep an eye on all of them. You must ensure that your clients do not exercise in the wrong ways. You certainly don’t want them to hurt themselves unnecessarily.

5. Be Empowering

Some clients need a morale boost before they can perform. Therefore, try to always have an encouraging word for them. Make sure that no client ever leaves one of your training sessions feeling grumpy. Always remember that you need their positive word-of-mouth advertising to advance your career.

6. Put Your Clients First

Leave your ego at the door of the gym. Instead, develop programs that target your clients’ success.

7. Lead by Example

Diligently maintain your own exercise routines. Moreover, try to understand your program by working it yourself. Do this before you propose any new program to your clients.



If being a personal trainer is the career of your dreams, visit Origym today. At Origym, you can train to be a successful personal trainer.