Adzooma Review: The Done-for-You Online Advertising Solution

Adzooma at a Glance

Adzooma bills itself as the simple way for small- to medium-sized businesses to establish a digital presence and advertise online.

Their core product provides businesses with a web page and a fully managed Google Ads campaign. Moreover, they claim what they provide is simpler than doing everything yourself. And it’s cheaper than hiring an agency. Therefore, if you’re trying to establish yourself online, you fall within their target audience.

Perhaps you’re just starting to think about getting online. Maybe you’ve created a Facebook page. Or perhaps you’ve committed money to marketing yourself online and have been disappointed with the results.

If any of the above is true, Adzooma might be worth taking a look at. They are looking to attract clients with little to no experience with online marketing. Their appeal lies in providing a “done for you” website and advertising service.

What’s more, their website offers an expert team of certified Google professionals. There are no contracts, but there is fair pricing and proven results. Adzooma wants to take your money in return for delivering a web page and a targeted Google Ads campaign. Importantly, this Google Ads campaign will drive traffic to your new web page. In turn, you will generate new leads for your business.




Key Features

Adzooma’s key features include:

  • Wide range of packages to suit small- and medium-businesses with various budgets
  • Professional design and writing
  • Built-in SEO optimization
  • Google Ads optimized
  • Social media integration
  • Campaign performance reporting


The Pros

Everything Is Done for You

The major benefit of Adzooma is that everything is done for you. Adzooma’s clients provide information on their business. Then the team takes that away to generate a web page and a Google Ads campaign. This frees Adzooma’s clients to be outstanding at what they do. In other words, they can hand over their online advertising to a team that will get it right the first time.

For the price, the quality of the web page Adzooma produces is outstanding. That’s because this is a custom-made page with a polished, professional design and excellent written content. Moreover, the web page is fully responsive and optimized for mobile devices.


One-of-a-Kind Web Pages

We expected Adzooma to be pushing substandard templates. For example, one for tradesmen, one for financial services, and so on. This would mean that whether you’re a builder, a plasterer, or a bricklayer, you would be getting largely the same end product with a different logo or color scheme tacked on top. However, Adzooma delivers bespoke web pages designed and produced by an in-house team. In other words, each of their clients gets a unique web page.


Laser-Focused on Converting Visitors

Additionally, the page Adzooma creates is laser-focused on converting visitors into leads for your business. It’s worth pointing out that you might want a Google Ads campaign and a web page highlighting a specific section of your business.

The web page comes with built-in search engine optimization. What’s more it comes ready to roll with Google Ads, which are handled by a separate in-house team. What’s more, expert guidance around SEO optimization and social media integration are a part of the standard package.


Gives You the Ability To Manage the Leads You Have Generated

Adzooma makes it easy to view reports on how your Google Ads campaign and web page are doing. The reports, moreover, prominently display the Google Ads you have running. What’s more, you have the ability as well to manage the leads you have generated.

Additionally, each customer is assigned a client success manager. This is a named person who is always responsible for keeping you happy. Notably, the customer support provision at Adzooma seems to be excellent. We found Live Chat to be the quickest and easiest way to get in touch with them. However, you can also get support over the phone or through email.


No Upfront Fees or Monthly Subscription

Another huge benefit is that clients face no upfront fees. What’s more, you can opt out after any month. Similar services require monthly subscriptions and hefty upfront fees. However, with Adzooma you can avoid these headaches.


The Cons

Here’s the rub, then. The process Adzooma uses has some limitations. A chief one is this: You cannot edit your own website. You have to submit any changes you want to make to an Adzooma client success manager. Then, their team takes the appropriate action.

Another limitation is that there are currently no options for multi-page e-commerce designs. That is, Adzooma creates a static business web page. This page can be useful for generating a specific set of leads. However, there is no functionality for online shop fronts or complex brochure-style pages.


A Final Word

In terms of the quality of the web page produced, Adzooma appears unrivaled. It will be difficult to find a solution that delivers design and written content of this quality for the price they offer.

Therefore, those seeking a more comprehensive website with multiple sales or brochure pages should look elsewhere. However, the average client who is trying to establish an online presence is unlikely to find a better service. It is easy to see why Adzooma has generated plenty of online buzz. What’s more, it was awarded Google Premier Partner Status. We recommend you give them a try. Just visit the official Adzooma website.