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As time goes by, more and more Internet-capable devices reach the market. For instance, there printers that can browse the web. There are also refrigerators that can automatically order the groceries you need. And keep in mind that this growth of network-capable tech isn’t solely confined to the house. Our offices are also growing more cluttered. It’s getting to the point that businesses are having a hard time keeping up with all of the devices that are on their networks. However, there are tools to help with this issue. Over the course of this guide, we’re going to take a look at network discovery software. This is a helpful type of program for office-based work spaces.

There are many different kinds of specialized programs. Network discovery software is one of them. In this post, we’ll discuss what this kind of software can do for you. However, before we get to the details, we’ll give you a broad overview of what it can do.




What Is Network Discovery Software?

Also known as an SNMP scanner, network discovery software can scan a network. It then reports back about all of the devices that are hooked up to it. This means that an administrator can use the SNMP scan on a computer hooked up to a particular network. The administrator can then find all of the other connected items, from printers to computers.

Of course, the catch is that the devices have to be connected to the Internet or local network in the first place. The scan won’t detect offline devices. Those will have to be inventoried manually.


Why Use Network Discovery Software?

Keep Track of a Large Inventory

For those who work in a larger office, keeping track of all of the devices can often be a challenge. However, this kind of software makes it much simpler to do inventory. Provided that every computer and electronic device in the office has a working connection, you’ll be able to detect them all in moments.

Network discovery software also gives you a more efficient method of taking inventory. That’s because you will be able to assign tags to certain devices and categorize them. This kind of program can make it easier to classify devices and keep them cataloged in the event of any technical difficulties or other issues.


Gain Information

Network discovery software can also provide you with information about the devices on your network. For example, some programs will give you computer specifications and other data. This can be helpful to supervisors working in the IT domain.

Instead of having to ask a worker about their device, it is much simpler to open up your network discovery program and take a glance at their computer specifications. Keep in mind that the amount of data provided will depend on the program you are using.



Network management and discovery software can be immensely helpful for businesses with too many devices to manage physically. If you need to know about all of the computers on your network right away, there is no better choice.