Install motorized blinds and shades to fully automate your home or office

Motorized Blinds and Shades: Easy Right out of the Box

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Large windows in your home or office let in lots of light and make everyone feel more cheerful. That is, until the afternoon sun blazes directly into the room, blinding in its intensity and glaring off computer and TV screens alike. What happens then? Well, someone—most likely you, right?—has to interrupt their work and get up to close the blinds. But what if you could just say, “Alexa, close the blinds”? With smart motorized blinds and shades embedded with Z-Wave chip, you can do just that.

How Z-Wave Protocol Makes It Easy to Set up Motorized Blinds and Shades

Z-Wave is the protocol that is expressly designed for use in smart homes and offices. With Z-Wave, you can link multiple smart devices, even if they happen to be from different manufacturers, as long as those devices support the Z-Wave home automation protocol.

It used to be difficult to set up motorized blinds and shades in a smart home, but no more. That’s because the engineers at ZebraBlinds test and retest all components—hubs, motors, and blinds—to make sure that everything works well as an integrated system.

What this means is that you can automate your entire home, including your window coverings. Thereafter, you can easily control all of your smart home products, right from your mobile device. What’s more, whether your smart home or office relies on Samsung SmartThings, Google Home, Alexa, or another smart hub, your motorized blinds and shades will be easy to operate, right out of the box.

A Large Selection of Motorized Blinds and Shades

You might think you would have to sacrifice fashion in order to have smart Z-Wave-enabled window treatments. But you would be wrong. You’ll find that you have a wide array of motorized blinds and shades to choose from. What’s more, your home or office will have an elegant and polished look, whatever style of motorized blinds and shades you choose.

Motorized Roller Shades

For instance, there are motorized roller shades in an abundant range of fabrics and transparencies, from almost sheer to full blackout shades. Some versions even come with insulated backing to keep out winter cold and summer heat.

Motorized Solar Shades

Motorized solar shades protect the interior of your home or office from the blazing rays of intense sunlight, even in harsh and arid climates. With these shades, you can protect electronics from damaging solar rays while still allowing just the right amount of sunlight into the room.

What’s more, you can save energy—and even help to protect the health of your employees and your family—by installing motorized solar shades in your smart home or office.

Motorized Roman Shades

Motorized Roman shades give any room a refined look. They offer the same superior quality and convenience as the other motorized blinds and shades mentioned here. In addition, motorized Roman shades have a sophisticated fabric design that provides a stylish window treatment.

Smart Shades

Smart shades take the technology a step further. That’s because they come with Z-wave antennae already built in. This makes integration with your home automation system even easier. That’s because they require no bridge. What’s more, you can even use them with your smartphone.

Smart motorized shades in beautiful styles and fabrics will shield the interior of your home or office according to the season and to the degree that suits your lifestyle best.

For example, you could even watch a movie in the middle of the brightest day of summer. All you would have to do is speak the command to lower your blackout shades. Then turn on the movie and bring on the popcorn! No distracting glare on the TV screen will interfere with your enjoyment.

Smart Home Motorized Blinds and Shades: Fully Automate Your Home Today

Smart motorized blinds and shades allow you to manage window treatments easily and efficiently, even for hard-to-reach windows. For additional convenience and security, you can even set them to open and close with scheduled timers. What’s more, these motorized blinds and shades are safe for children and pets.

And finally, these smart motorized blinds and shades are designed to be easy to use right out of the box. So you no longer have any reason to put off the decision to fully automate your home or office, window treatments and all.

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