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How AI Will Affect Future Businesses in a Variety of Industries

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Great change often triggers great fear. With regard to artificial intelligence (AI) and how it will affect future businesses in different industries, this is certainly the case. Many workers and even business owners are fearfully asking themselves, “What is in store for me in the future?”

However, great change can also lead to great expansion. Millions of people will learn to reinvent themselves again and again as this great technological revolution evolves. The Industrial Revolution led to a better quality of life for many people. So, too, can the technological revolution we now face lead to improved standards of living for people around the world.

We call this oncoming revolution the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Let’s try to understand in this post how AI will affect future businesses.




Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

Robotics engineers are coming increasingly close to creating a machine with perfect artificial intelligence. As a matter of fact, some present-day robots have intellectual and motor abilities that are almost equal to those of a living, breathing human being.


The Entertainment Industry

The entertainment industry leads all other industries in experimenting with and using these new technologies. In large part, this is due to the fact that it is increasingly difficult to entertain people. A clear example of this occurred when television finally reached nearly all homes on the globe. When this happened, people stopped going to theaters, operas, and other recreational venues.

Moreover, the same has happened with big casinos. Whereas before they were a highly productive industry with a steady stream of customers, today terrestrial gambling houses are losing ground. In order to reinvent themselves and remain viable as future businesses, they now encourage customers to discover brand new online casinos.

Moreover, these online casinos have been raising their levels of technological quality by implementing better software. Today, the highest rated online casinos rely on sophisticated data encryption systems for greater security.


Intelligent Audiovisual Media

Everything having to do with audiovisual media has grown wildly in the last few decades, including television. As a result, this industry has attracted more and more users. Further, robotics and artificial intelligence have been excellent allies for this industry. A clear example is the industry’s use of drones.

Drones are small flying robots that work with artificial intelligence and are operated by remote control. Drone technology has become an invaluable resource for the television and film industries. For example, a director can take a shot from a drone that they can get no other way.

The audiovisual industry is therefore no longer the same. The transmission of sports, natural landscapes, and even news reports have taken a 180-degree turn, reinventing the industry completely and visually captivating the public.


Advanced Medicine

All branches of science have benefited from the technological advances of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Moreover, although androids have not yet been able to perform high-risk surgical procedures, artificial intelligence and robotics have helped to save many lives.

Thanks to the invention of various devices and futuristic clinical instruments, it is now possible to diagnose and treat multiple diseases that even highly trained physicians found impossible to treat in the past.

In addition, robotics have changed the lives of hundreds of people who suffer from the absence of limbs or from physical limitations that limit certain motor skills. All of this is made possible by the manufacturing and 3D printing of intelligent prosthetics and other specially designed equipment.

Additionally, the pharmaceutical industry currently uses android robots that work autonomously to perform tasks that can be dangerous for humans.


Future Businesses in the New World of AI

Thinking about it makes us remember those thrillers where machines take over the world and want to kill humans. However, future businesses will most likely evolve differently. Today, whether we realize it or not, we are continuously surrounded by artificial intelligence. As a matter of fact, living without AI can be a challenge for many.

For example, would you be willing to give up your GPS navigation system, your smartphone, and the multiple pieces of software that provide you with the various functions of the Internet? What’s more, the current effect of AI on various industries is undeniable, pointing the way to the businesses of the future.