custom pop-up tents

4 Important Benefits of Using Custom Pop-Up Tents

There are several ways to make sure the public is aware of and excited about your business. One of the most important ways, outside of traditional marketing methods, is using a custom pop-up canopy. Business exhibitions undoubtedly turn to bland, all-white canopies which offer no value to passersby. However, here are four benefits of using custom pop-up tents at your next exhibit or trade show.


1. Custom Pop-Up Tents Are Eye-Catching

Tents can be bought anywhere and are virtually impossible not to get your hands on. What sets your business apart from the competition, however, is how you design your custom pop-up tent. Therefore, hire a five-star tent designer to customize your pole canopy tent for you. Choose someone who has a solid portfolio and a mountain of positive testimonials to get the job done right. Then, you’ll flag down your ideal customers in a quicker way.

Grabbing attention is the name of the game here. So the designer you choose sets the bar for the level of interesting and creative choices and logos. One of the “plain vanilla” decisions most people make with customized tents is putting a website URL in black color against a white canopy. For the sake of generating interest in your business, do not follow those unfortunate souls who don’t have a drop of marketing savvy in their blood.

2. Easy to Install

Unlike tents made by those with carpentry skills, custom pop-up tents require no special skills at all. You just need to be reasonably tall and have a second set of hands to help you out.

The process couldn’t be simpler. Simply attach the tent’s upper part with the stands. The mechanism and concept are like setting up a camping tent, except that it’s on a larger scale. If unexpected weather hits, disassembly is a breeze.

3. Tents Are Great for All Occasions

Custom pop-up tents, bar none, are appropriate for nearly all occasions. This is because, while the custom design work is promoting your business, your tent is providing some much-needed relief from the hot sun or a chilly wind. This double-duty act of servitude to the public is what endears these tents to small businesses and their customers. Plus, when designed with the right appearance (befitting the event), you will appear more genuine than other businesses whose pop-up canopies aren’t customized.

4. Custom Pop-Up Tents Are Light Weight

You can easily carry custom pop-up tents that weigh 40 pounds or less. Plus, you can pack one up in a jiffy. What’s more, most of them, once packed, can be lifted and carried by one or two people. It is one of the primary reasons (aside from excellent brand promotion) why many business owners choose customized pop-up tents. This is because their light weight makes assembly and disassembly easy. Plus, they can be comfortably carried.

Depending on the size you ordered the frame in, you can even store custom pop-up tents in most conventional vehicles. On the other hand, the light weight options are less durable than the heavier options (which are more than 50 pounds). However, these heavier tents are made to withstand rough weather conditions such as high winds and heavy rain.


The next time you book your business at an exhibition or trade fair, use a custom pop-up tent to promote it. Do not opt for a regular pop-up tent. Instead, choose a tent constructed of polypropene fabric. Such a tent will allow you to customize it however you see fit. While they might cost a little more than plain tents, custom pop-up tents are one of the quickest and most affordable ways to bring public attention to your business.