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What Are the Benefits of Getting a Massage with CBD Cream?

Image Credit: Pixabay on Pexels

There’s nothing quite as relaxing as a massage, especially a massage with CBD cream.

This is true whether you’ve had a rough week or you’re just feeling high levels of stress. What’s more, incorporating CBD massage cream as a part of your pampering can offer a number of great benefits, both during and after each massage session.

Additionally, cannabidiol (CBD) offers a wealth of health and overall wellness benefits. Moreover, topical CBD’s are one of the easiest ways for you to take advantage of all of those benefits. So how does a massage with CBD cream help your body?

A Massage with CBD Cream Can Reduce Inflammation

Inflammation in the body has a direct link to acute pain, most notably in the muscles or joints. However, CBD has a well-deserved reputation for having strong inflammation reduction properties. This is the case even when it is applied topically.

When your massage therapist applies CBD massage cream directly to painful areas on your body, the natural anti-inflammatory properties of the cannabinoids begin to relieve and reduce the inflammation. This in turn will help to alleviate chronic pain or discomfort you’re feeling.

Inflammation can become an issue as the result of an injury or after strenuous activities. However, sometimes inflammation has no direct explanation. This can often mean it’s harder to treat with traditional methods. Moreover, sometimes the side effects of prescribed medications can be worse than the ailment they are meant to be treating.


On the other hand, a massage can help to ease the tenderness in muscles that are tense or injured. While a good massage will help to relieve a lot of this inflammation, incorporating CBD cream can help to further reduce inflammation. Be sure to point out to your masseuse or masseur the areas where you feel the most discomfort. Then she or he can target these spots during your session.

Reducing Chronic Pain with CBD Massage Cream

Chronic pain can reduce your mobility as well as your ability to enjoy your life. Your chronic pain might be from overworking your muscles. Or perhaps it comes from an injury that never fully healed. Or maybe you live with chronic pain because of a medical disorder such as arthritis.

However, adding CBD cream to your massage therapy can help you to reduce a great amount of the pain that has been keeping you from fully appreciating your life.

Lowering Blood Pressure with CBD Cream Massages

CBD oils have been shown to help lower blood pressure in a number of ways. For example, CBD massage creams, as well as the massage itself, can help to boost blood flow around the areas that cause pain. This can help to ease the tension you feel in your muscles. What’s more, when your muscles are more relaxed, your blood pressure can diminish as well.

Speeding up Muscle Recovery with a CBD Cream Massage

By reducing inflammation in muscles that you have overused or injured, CBD massage cream will speed up healing. Whether you’ve been hitting the gym hard, or you’ve sprained an ankle, you’ll find that incorporating CBD massage cream can help you to get the relief you need.

Relying on over-the-counter or prescription medications to help speed up muscle healing can lead to a number of concerns. For example, some people have suffered harsh chemical burns from topical ointments. On the other hand, CBD creams are soothing and mild. They include organic ingredients that won’t hurt your skin when you use them.

Boosting Skin Health with CBD Cream

One of the best parts about using CBD massage cream is that it can actually help to promote healthy skin. That’s because CBD creams can reduce inflammation. Therefore, they can be beneficial when used on skin that may be prone to acne or other inflammation-related skin conditions.

Reducing Stress and Anxiety

You know that getting a massage can be a great way to reduce your overall stress levels. This in turn helps to reduce anxiety. Further, adding CBD massage cream into the mix can help to soothe your worries away.

Some Final Words

Are you getting a massage to relieve that painful twinge in your neck? Or are you looking to get a complete sports massage? Whatever your reason, you’ll find that adding CBD massage cream to your massage routine can help to boost the benefits that you are already getting from the massage itself.

Therefore, before you make your next appointment, find out if the massage spa that you are going to offers CBD massage creams. If they do not offer their own line, then you should be sure that you take your own with you.

You deserve to feel your best, so book that massage. And be sure to take your CBD massage cream with you. Then you can relax as the CBD oils do their part to alleviate chronic pain as well as soothe and relax your tired and aching muscles and joints.