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Network Olympus: Effective Remote Business Monitoring

Photo by Markus Spiske from Pexels

What is Network Olympus? Network Olympus helps you to monitor your business remotely. It allows you to take care of your system and looks for any potential issues. If it finds an abnormality it gives you an alert about it. Moreover, Network Olympus gives you a detailed report on any failures that occur within your system. As a result, you can eliminate problems and keep your business safe.


Network Mapping

Network mapping represents graphically the elements in a project. Also, it is an aid to managing the connections between each of those elements.

As a result of its powerful network mapping tool, Network Olympus can automatically show the status of any sensor. This allows you to monitor other devices that also show up on the same comprehensive map.




Server Monitoring with Network Olympus

By way of the VMI protocol, your IT team can use Network Olympus to monitor the full range of your network’s figures. For example, they can monitor your network’s traffic flow as well as its performance. Network Olympus continually analyzes and records everything in real time.



Network Olympus uses sensors that serve as monitoring indicators. These sensors maintain a strong connection between devices and receive all of the data those devices produce. What’s more, these sensors remotely receive all information about your services, your files, your event logs, and more. They can easily extract any similar data as well.

The Network Olympus monitoring system will use more than 20 sensors in three categories: NetBase, WinBase, and Net System.


Notifications and Actions

Network Olympus executes a myriad of predefined actions in the event of any abnormality. What this means is that the software makes sure to notify you quickly. Additionally, it performs first aid to minimize any consequences.

Also, depending on your software settings, it will start running a script, reboot the computer, launch the required application, or log the event data. Its purpose will be to monitor the event as it occurs and study it when the event is in the past. Moreover, if you create an emergency action, Network Olympus will act based on the sensor operation and reaction results.


A Robust Monitoring System

Another interesting feature is the Network Olympus Scenario Builder. This is a solution that assists with network automation. It is a powerful tool that can help with creating and managing your monitoring solutions.


An Integrated Approach to Remote Network Management.

What’s more, Scenario Builder affords possibilities for diagnosing problems as well as providing responses to network emergency issues.


Branching Scenarios

Scenario Builder can also create complex multi-branch scenarios in order to provide a better monitoring experience. This allows you to link the monitoring scenarios either to a single device or to a multitude of devices.



Network Olympus has a flexible monitoring scheme. For example, Scenario Builder allows you to manage all of your chosen sensors, along with all of the notifications and actions that are connected to those sensors.

Having adjustable components is an important part of utilizing your monitoring process. Just start by choosing whatever components you need in order to end up with a solution that best suits your business. Moreover, you can opt out whenever you need to.


Some Final Words

Network Olympus is the optimal network monitoring system for your growing business. That’s because it gives you the ability to monitor your employees and protect your network remotely. So try the software out today. Then watch how it makes your daily monitoring activities simpler and more effective.