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Grow Recurring Income with Digital Loyalty and Mobile Marketing

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Mobile marketing is a broad term. It includes many aspects of using mobile devices to market a business. For example, some mobile marketing products include digital loyalty, mobile deals, text marketing, appointment reminders, text-to-win programs, and more.

Every business needs to be leveraging mobile marketing in some way, in order to attract and retain customers. However, even with all of the mobile marketing options available, most busy business owners don’t end up taking advantage of them.


What, Exactly, Is a Digital Loyalty Program?

One of the best things you can do with your mobile marketing program is to include a digital loyalty program. Most business owners understand that both new customers and returning ones are necessary to keep any business thriving. Additionally, experienced business owners understand that retaining customers is much easier and cheaper than trying to gain new ones.

Therefore, customer loyalty programs have been around for years. For example, perhaps you carry a punch card from your favorite deli in your own wallet. Once you’ve purchased nine sandwiches, you’re going to get the tenth one free. That’s your deli’s customer loyalty program.

A digital loyalty program operates in much the same way. The difference, however, is that a digital loyalty program is based on smartphone usage.

Therefore, before you dive headfirst into a digital loyalty program for your business, you need to take the characteristics of your target audience into account. For instance, what is the general age of your customers? Are they seniors? Or are they mostly people in their twenties and thirties?

If your customers are mostly in the latter group, a digital loyalty program could work for your business. That’s because people in that demographic are highly dependent upon their cell phones. What’s more, one of the major pluses of a digital loyalty program is that you can include links in your digital loyalty app to your social media accounts. This will increase your reach into your target demographic even further.




Here’s How You Can Get Started

The best way to get started with a mobile marketing program is to hook up with a local mobile marketing expert who is trained to work with business owners.


Or Maybe You’d Like to Be That Mobile Marketing Expert?

This is where PerkUp comes in.

PerkUp provides a white-label reseller program. This program helps turn people into mobile marketing entrepreneurs in their own hometowns.

Resellers with PerkUp start their own businesses using PerkUp’s turn-key system. This system provides everything you’ll need to start and operate a successful mobile marketing business. The program provides:

  • A website branded with your own domain
  • White-labeled software
  • Merchant agreements
  • Marketing materials
  • Training

Plus, you don’t need to have any experience to start your own mobile marketing business with Perkup.



PerkUp was founded by Jeremy Tyler, a successful mobile marketing and software reseller builder. Over the past 10 years, Jeremy has helped thousands of entrepreneurs become successful mobile marketing business owners. These business owners, in turn, enjoy recurring revenue using Jeremy’s marketing software systems.

You, too, can start your own mobile marketing business. What’s more, your new business will include digital loyalty and mobile deals as well as text marketing.

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