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Getting Your Business on Google My Business Before It Even Opens  

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In this post, we offer a quick guide on how to get into the local pack on Google My Business. From there, you can get to the top positions on the biggest search engine there is.


Every Search Engine Marketing Campaign Starts on Google

Google recently opened up a new way for businesses to become a part of their local listings. It’s called Google My Business, and you can create a listing even if your business is not yet open to customers. Here’s how it works.

Once you’ve set up your listing, it will show in Google search results 90 days before the day of your company’s opening. This will enable you to engage your customers early. You can start building your online presence and create some hype around your business, even before you open your doors.

Businesses can also interact with their clients through their Google My Business listing. For example, business owners can answer questions people might have before the business starts.

Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton recently published a quick guide on how to establish an effective SEM business and Google My Business listing for a not-yet-opened stores. You can check out the detailed review by GFKamerica here:




Making a Google My Business Listing and Setting an Opening Date

The first thing you’ll need to do is claim your listing. In order to do that, go to There, you’ll find detailed instructions for the procedure you’ll need to follow. The whole process is pretty straightforward, so just follow the guidelines from Google.

If you wish to set up a business that will open in the future, tick the »Verify Later« box when you are asked to verify your business. This is the most important part of the process. That’s because otherwise your business will appear as open before it really is.

The next step is setting up your opening date. You can do that by signing into Google My Business and opening the location where you are going to start your business. From the menu, click »Info«. Next, look for the »Opening Date« and press the pencil icon. This is where you can enter the date of your opening.

After you have entered your opening date, click apply.

You can set up your opening day on any day as long as it is less than one year in the future. However, you will be required to put in an exact day, month, and year of your opening.

Once you have set up the date, your business will be verified. After the verification process, the Google My Business listings will make sure that your business appears in local search results 90 days before your business opens.


Now Create Relevant Content

Finally, you’ll need to create relevant content.

You can add content to your Google My Business listing 90 days before your business opens. From then on you will be able to publish articles, add images, and supply a description of your business. Then, after your opening date, your listing will be flagged as recently opened.


It Couldn’t Be Easier

Now you have a way to generate buzz around your business, even before you open your doors. Just go to Google My Business to get started.