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How to Pass Strict Quality Standards and Get Your Guest Post Approved

Image Credit: geralt on Pixabay

Guest posting has become an integral part of effective marketing strategies in recent years. However, getting a guest post approved doesn’t come easy.

It is not enough to make your content SEO-friendly and write with impeccable grammar. How do you make sure your guest post doesn’t end up in the graveyard of failed pitches? Here are the seven crucial elements you need to include to give your guest post the best chance of approval.




Write in the Same Voice as the Site You Are Pitching

Editors reject the bulk of guest posts immediately for one simple reason: they don’t match the blog or website’s voice. Too many people send the same post out to hundreds of bogs and sites hoping that one will approve the post.

This isn’t an effective strategy. Instead, your post needs to appeal to the site’s target audience. Aim for writing tailor-made content, then submit that post to a specific site. Avoid generic, poorly written content that you send out to hundreds of blogs.


Adhere to the Blog’s Guidelines

Each blog and website should have guidelines for its guest blog posts. You should make yourself familiar with these before you start writing.

For example, HubSpot has specific criteria for posts submitted to each of its blogs. They could be as mundane as how many links to your blog you can include, or the proper attribution of data. However, unless you adhere to these criteria, your post will not be approved.


Keep Your Guest Post Direct

When it comes to guest posting, less is more. Internet users like punchy content from which they can easily extract information. This means keep your sentences brief and to the point. If a sentence isn’t offering new information, don’t include it in the post.


Offer a Fresh Perspective

Blogs and websites are constantly on the hunt for fresh new content. Find something different or write about something that has already been covered but with a new perspective.


Use a Guest Posting Service

If you don’t want to invest the time and effort in researching and producing new, engaging content to submit as a guest post, you can use a Blogger Outreach Service. Blogger Outreach Services will produce content with backlinks to your website and get it published on a third-party blog or site. It will cost you a small fee, but it is worth it if you don’t have the time to spend yourself.


Use Images or Video

If you include a striking visual—such as a picture, infographic, or video—alongside your post, the site or blog manager could find your guest post particularly enticing. Aside from saving them the work of finding an image, it gives them engaging visual content ready for sharing across social media.


Put Links to the Website You Are Pitching in Your Post

Including links to the site you are pitching, as well as backlinks to your blog or site, shows that you are willing to help them if they help you. It is a personal gesture that goes the extra mile. What’s more, it could land you that first guest post approval.