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Do you love sports? If so, you’re not alone.

Sports events are one of the most popular ways for many people to let off steam and have some fun. When you look at the US alone, the stats make for interesting reading. For example, the NFL generated over $8bn in revenue during 2017. And more than 100 million people tuned in for the 2017 Super Bowl final.

In short, many people enjoy major sports and are willing to spend money on them. This opens up lots of business opportunities. This idea becomes even more tempting to pursue if you love sports yourself. In fact, your passion for sports will help you to work harder and be more successful. What’s more, you’ll have fun while you do.


Top Ways to Make a Business from Your Love of Sports

If you love sports in general or one in particular, why not try to make a business from that? Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Sell Memorabilia

One of the simplest ways to start a sports-based business is to sell sporting memorabilia. This is a steadily growing business sector. As a matter of fact, many believe that it will be worth $15bn overall by 2021.

You could either sell online via Internet marketplaces or set up a physical store. Either way, the key is to deal in memorabilia that you understand. Therefore, deal in the sports you love personally. Then you will be able to spot goods that are valuable and genuine.


  • Sell Merchandise

Another way to turn your sports passion into a business is to make and sell merchandise online. Just be careful to get permission from the teams or players involved. Otherwise, you won’t be able to use official logos, names, or images.

However, even without this in place, you can still make and sell unofficial merchandise with your own design. Get it right and you could sell lots of merchandise to the fans of the team or the player your product is based on.




  • Take Sports Photographs

If you love sports and are into snapping quality pictures, then why not set up a sports photography business? Once more, you can market your talents online. This will be less costly and quicker than setting up a physical shop.

Many sports photographers start out by snapping pictures at amateur games for free. Then they use these photos to start their online portfolio. From there, some of them move into working for local or national newspapers. You might even eventually sell pictures you take at big games on a freelance basis.


  • Do a Sports Podcast

Podcasts are massively popular in sports now. They give viewers the chance to engage in their favorite sports in a more informal, fun, and personal way. Sports podcasts can also pull in some big viewing figures. When that happens, a podcast can generate income from sponsorship. So why not record your own sports podcast to broadcast online and turn it into a business?


  • Open a Sports Bar

Okay, this one will take a little more work and initial outlay than the others. However, it is still a genuine way to combine your love for sports with business. Sports bars are popular, both in the US and around the world. Get it right and you could earn lots of money from your own sports bar. Meanwhile, you’ll also get to talk about sports with customers and catch the games yourself.


What About Setting up Your Own NJ Online Sports Betting Company?

Another interesting option is to use your love of sports to set up a sports betting company. Even for US residents, this could be a viable option now. A May 2018 ruling made sports betting legal within New Jersey’s state borders. Additionally, sports betting is also legal in Nevada.

Many people believe that the New Jersey ruling will lead to other states beginning to allow sports betting. Therefore, now could be the perfect time to set up an online sports betting company and beat the crowd.

Of course, at the moment, you are limited to the two states where sports betting is legal. What’s more, with Nevada so saturated, New Jersey may be your best bet. Why not check out the current NJ sportsbooks to see what they offer and what tips you can take from them?


If You Love Sports, Make Sports Your Career

If you love sports but you have missed the boat for playing a sport professionally, you can still carve out a career based on sports. There are many ways to turn sports into a business and make some money. It really is a case of thinking about which route you would like to go down and making sure you have everything in place to do so.