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Exchange Online is the hosted version of Microsoft’s Exchange Server messaging platform. Organizations can obtain this platform either as a stand-alone service or with an Office 365 subscription.

Microsoft Exchange Online helps you protect your data. Moreover, it keeps your employees connected with secured, reliable access to email, calendar, and contacts. And they can do so from virtually any device.


A Few Advantages of Microsoft Exchange and Exchange Online

  1. Protect your sensitive data and inform users of internal compliance policies with Data Loss Prevention (DLP) capabilities.
  2. Allow compliance officers to continue running In-Place eDiscovery across Exchange, SharePoint, and Lync—from a single interface.
  3. Keep all of your important data in one place with Exchange archiving, large mailboxes, and retention policies.
  4. Enable your users to collaborate on projects easily. What’s more, teams can get up to speed quickly and share information easily.
  5. Eliminate email threats before they reach your network.
  6. Give your users an intuitive, touch-enabled inbox experience on just about any device.
  7. Move to the cloud on your terms. And you can do so with flexible options, including Exchange hybrid deployment.
  8. Decrease the amount of time you spend managing your messaging systems while still maintaining control.
  9. Customize Exchange by integrating relevant, web-based Apps for Office into Outlook and Outlook Web App.
  10. Bring all of your contacts together in one place.

Key Features of Exchange Online Consulting That You Can’t Afford To Miss Out On

1. Serious ROI

Making the move to Exchange Online can save your organization lots of money. That’s because email servers are a huge infrastructure expenditure. Moreover, they require lots of ongoing maintenance and renovations to keep them functional.

Migrating to Exchange Online puts an end to most of that. Instead, for the cost of the subscription, most of your server issues will be a thing of the past. You won’t need server maintenance anymore. And you won’t need to install new updates ever again.

2. Security

Possibly the most significant advantage that Exchange brings to your business is its air-tight security. Microsoft Office 365 Secure Productive Enterprise brings together a suite of critical business applications. Your team will be better able to collaborate on the fly. Plus, you’ll have peace of mind based on the platform’s security, compliance, and trust.

Microsoft has spent billions of dollars on Exchange Online’s data security offering. Their investment guarantees that your emails are more secure inside Microsoft’s protected cloud than they would be in your own on-premises server.

Exchange is additionally compliant with all major compliance standards, such as ISO 27001, HIPAA and FISMA.

3. Performance

When it comes to simplicity, ease of use, and enhanced functionality, no other email system can match Exchange Online. That’s because Exchange Online provides quick, intuitive, and convenient email controls. Its smart look-ups allow you to quickly find emails within your system. Moreover, you can perform searches by keyword, author, or date. This allows for quick and accurate search results.

Personal emails and other systems can become bombarded with unsafe junk and spam emails before you know it. However, the Exchange Online spam filter makes certain that only legitimate emails arrive in your inbox.

Exchange Online is accessible across platforms such as mobile and tablets. Additionally, it is fully integrated with Microsoft’s cloud service. This means that wherever you have an Internet connection, you will have access to your emails. Learn more about Exchange to Office 365 Migration.

Need some Microsoft Exchange Online Consulting? EPC Group can help. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your Exchange Server environment, migrate to Exchange Online, or even move to a hybrid solution, Exchange Online Consulting can handle it all.

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