Many entrepreneurs need to keep their day jobs while they get their startups off the ground. However, there’s no reason why you can’t have a day job you love, and even go for that plum promotion when one comes up.

As a matter of fact, once you land a job within a career you enjoy or at a company you share similar values with, you’re probably going to want to strive for a promotion as soon as you begin your job.

Every company and job position has various requirements for a promotion. However, here are some general ways to show you are an eligible candidate for a promotion.


1. Let Your Boss Know of Your Intentions

Quite possibly the most important step to take to secure a promotion at work is to simply make your boss aware that you want one. If your boss doesn’t know that you want a promotion, why would they give you one? No one wants to give a promotion to an employee if they aren’t even sure that employee wants it. It’s essential to make your boss aware of your intentions to move up and why would like to do from the start.



2. Obtain All Necessary Licenses

Many careers require a license in order to perform your job duties legally. Talk to your manager and complete your research to figure out what permits and licenses you may need to acquire before accepting that promotion you have your eyes set on. For example, if you work in construction in Virginia, you can take the VA DPOR courses. In other words, take extra courses and earn your license or credential. This shows your commitment to the job and your own career growth.

As you consider this option, remember to communicate what you’re doing with your boss. That’s because some companies will actually pay for their employees to get additional certifications. If you’re doing it for the job, you might as well let them pay for it!


3. Share Your Opinions and Ideas

An important part of being a leader is analyzing patterns and making decisions. Get a head start now and be more aware of your surroundings and patterns of your company. Present the patterns you observe to your boss and share your opinion. Offer ideas to improve or changes that you think could have a positive impact. This shows that you care about the company and its well-being and that you come to work every day for more than just a paycheck.


4. Involve Yourself in the Company

Something your managers are going to look at before promoting you is how involved in the company you are. To show you are committed and involved in the company, make it a priority to attend company events and social gatherings. Help with the organizing, set up, and clean up. If you really want to go above and beyond, you can even organize an event for the team yourself.


5. Ask for Feedback

The best way to improve your job performance is to ask your boss for feedback. Therefore, ask your boss for feedback on your performance. Does he or she have any suggestions for ways you can improve?

Knowing your strengths and weaknesses will allow you to make the improvements necessary for a promotion. Take your boss’s feedback and act on it immediately. This shows that you are dedicated and willing to work to move up in the company.


6. Go the Extra Mile

When your manager gives you a task, whether it be large or small, always go the extra mile before you turn it in. In other words, go above and beyond not only the expectations set for the project, but also for the expectations set for you. Consistent improvement will show your boss that you are a hard worker and willing to go above and beyond, even for daily tasks.


7. Be a Positive Force

In order to secure a promotion, it’s essential to create a positive atmosphere in the workplace. Therefore, always try to have a positive attitude while at work. Your boss is less likely you give you a promotion if you complain frequently or if you cause a negative atmosphere. As you move up further into the company, how you act and your attitude not only have a greater effect on people around you but also on the culture of the company itself.

Be Prepared and Earn That Promotion

The biggest component of receiving a promotion offer is simple: Let your work reflect your intentions. By implementing the tips above, you can show your boss that you are prepared for the next level. It will put you in a leading spot in the running for that big promotion.