The festive season is here. What is your business doing to wish your customers happy holidays?

Your business has forged goodwill throughout the year by way of Facebook shares and other marketing activitiesTherefore, if you plan well for the holidays, even more goodwill—and holiday sales—can come your way.

According to statistics from BigCommerce and LiveChat, websites have an average of 63% more visitors during the holiday season. What this tells us is that the holidays are an opportunity for you to grow your business and hit more sales targets.

In this article we give you a step-by-step guide for generating holiday cheer—and boosting your sales. So whether you and your customers celebrate Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, the winter solstice, Festivus, or another of the many happy holidays that people around the world celebrate during December, you’ll be ready for the holiday season.


1. Write a Christmas Newsletter

Write a holiday newsletter and mail or email it to your customers. In it, let them know about the campaigns you will be running during the season. By all means, make it cheery and bright, and be sure to wish your customers happy holidays.


2. Create a Holiday Promotional Calendar

Create a promotional calendar to show clients or website visitors that you have something new to offer every day. If you have a brick-and-mortar store, place it near the entrance or the cash registers. If yours is an online store, place your holiday promotional calendar prominently on each page. Make your holiday calendar compelling enough, and people will be visiting your store every day of the season to shop for what you are offering.




3. Design a Holiday-Themed Post

Design a blog or website post with a holiday theme. For example, write content that is relevant to your business but also has to do with Christmas or another of the happy holidays in December. Specifically, take advantage of the things you know about your target audience and write about those things.


4. Advertise Your Company’s Holiday Cheer

Advertise your company’s holiday spirit with spots on Google Ads or Facebook. However, be sure to stay within your advertising budget. Also, include calls to action to drive more sales and ensure happy holidays for your business.


5. Stay Active on Social Media

Take advantage of staying active on social media during this season. Use these platforms to reach your customers. Let your followers know about the promotional campaigns you are running and offers that you have in place. Target your activity mainly to the platforms where you know your target audience likes to hang out online. And again, be sure to wish your followers happy holidays frequently throughout the season.


6. Offer Holiday Gift Wrapping

Offer gift wrapping services if this works for your business. Going the extra mile in this way will be sure to bring more people into your store. You might be amazed at how many people will be willing to pay a small fee for gift wrapping. Not to mention the additional goodwill you’ll enjoy and the happy holidays you will foster among your customers.

happy holidays

7. Give Holiday Discounts

Since your competitors will be giving holiday discounts, you can hardly afford not to. Therefore, give 10% discounts on items that are not moving. Moreover, give 50% clearance discounts on products you don’t plan to carry forward into the new year. Remember that many of your customers have been looking forward to holiday discounts since the year started. Therefore, take this opportunity to wish your customers happy holidays with cheery discounts.

happy holidays

8. Decorate Your Place of Business

Decorate your store or your website for the holidays. However, keep in mind that decorating doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. But your storefront can express the happy holidays spirit, and the returns you’ll receive will be well worth your efforts.


9. Host Kid-Friendly Events

If possible, host events in your store that will attract parents with children. Parents will be spending most of their money for the holidays on their kids. What’s more, children are influential when it comes to parents’ shopping. Then, too, parents will appreciate having a place to shop where there is entertainment for their little ones.

If you have enough space, hire a clown to entertain the kids while the parents shop in your store, for example. Alternatively, hire a face painter or install a bounce house for a few days. Parents will get a break, and everyone will enjoy the happy holidays feel. What’s more, your sales are sure to get a boost.


10. Give Your Customers the Gift of Your Presence

Reward your most loyal customers with extended store hours during the holiday season. This will give them a chance to access your services more conveniently.


Let the Happy Holidays of December Boost Your Sales

The holidays represent a peak selling season all around the world. And as a small business owner, it’s your perfect opportunity to take your business to the next level. According to consumer insights, 34% more searches for shopping happen during the holidays. Follow this guide, and you will not only spread holiday cheer among your customers, but you’ll enjoy happy holidays yourself! Happy holidays!