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Are you a coffee lover? Is there one brand of coffee that holds your loyalty? Are you one of those business owners who keeps a favorite coffee mug at your desk while you’re working? Does your favorite barista know your first name as well as your usual order? Then there’s no doubt about it. You love coffee. Therefore, show your love of coffee by investing in one or more of these cool coffee gadgets, both for yourself and for the other coffee lovers in your life.




French Press Brewing Bags

For the low price of around $10, you can make your coffee on the go with a reusable French press bag. What’s more, this particular coffee gadget brews up to one liter of coffee in about five minutes.


Aeropress Espresso Maker

If a French press brewing bag isn’t for you, try an Aeropress espresso maker. The gadget looks like a small bike pump and works like a pump, too. To use it, pour hot water over coffee pods in a cup, then stir and press.

The Aeropress filters ensure you get smooth, good tasting coffee. Moreover, the pressing process is effortless. And those who use the device say it produces the best coffee.


Collapsible Cups

Collapsible cups are leak-proof, mug-sized cups that collapse to the size of a lid for convenience. Even better, this is one of those coffee gadgets you’re really going to love. That’s because you’ll always have your favorite coffee mug with you.

So pick your favorite collapsible coffee cup. For example, choose between a large 25-ounce mug or a standard 12-ounce cup. Or pick a different cup for every occasion. Some collapsible cups are suited for travelers and come with a handle. Others can be personalized with an inspirational quote.


Coffee-Scented Candles

Scented candles all serve the same purpose: aromatherapy. However, if you love coffee, what better aroma is there than that of your favorite drink? These coffee gadgets cost about $10 for each quality coffee-scented candle. What’s more, each candle will burn up to 60 hours and produce little to no soot.


Aeroshot Pure Energy

You can’t carry all of your coffee gadgets everywhere. However, sometimes your longing for coffee is undeniable. When coffee cravings strike, your aeroshot will come to the rescue. This is a small device that looks like a battery cell. It comes with cartridges infused with 100 milligrams of caffeine that easily dissolve in your mouth.


Vacuum Coffee Container to Preserve Flavors

Ground coffee loses its taste if left in an open container for a long time. However, you can prevent this loss with an inexpensive vacuum coffee container. The device keeps out air and moisture, which cause coffee to lose aroma and taste.

The average vacuum coffee container holds 500 grams of coffee pods and costs around $20. But if you want a bigger device, prepare to invest anywhere between $25 and $40. Still, the price is worth it if you want your coffee to always taste as fresh as the day you bought it.


Take Your Pick of Coffee Gadgets for the Coffee Lovers in Your Life

If you are a coffee lover and have nothing more than a mug and your coffeemaker, up your coffee game with one of these coffee gadgets. Furthermore, if you’re looking for holiday gifts for the other coffee lovers in your life, one of these coffee gadgets is sure to hit the spot.