Photo by Vidal Balielo Jr. from Pexels

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) estimates that people spent a staggering $16 billion on cosmetic plastic surgery and minimally invasive surgeries during 2016.

It’s therefore safe to say that cosmetic plastic surgery is no longer just for the rich and eccentric. As a matter of fact, every day people undergo plastic surgery for a variety of reasons. From breast augmentation to tummy tucks, people are spending big bucks to look their best in the age of the selfie.

However, should plastic surgeons hire SEO companies?

If you’ve wondered how businesses get ranked on Google’s first page, it’s via search engine optimization (SEO). This is a multifaceted and complex field. It has to do with using the right keywords and optimizing content so that people who are searching for what you offer can find you. Basically, SEO, along with other techniques such as digital marketing, help you to boost your business.

Therefore, plastic surgeons who want to attract new clients to their practices should definitely hire SEO companies.




Why Referrals Are Not Enough Anymore

Professionals in healthcare often depend on referrals for attracting new patients. We know a friend or a friend of a friend who got an amazing nose job, and we want that nose, so we ask that person who their doctor is. Yet, how many people do you know altogether? Word-of-mouth referral can only do so much and can only go so far in this digital age.

So why try to reach dozens of people when you can reach hundreds or even thousands? A proper SEO company can help you with that reach. Competition among surgeons is high. That’s why business-savvy plastic surgeons use SEO to promote their businesses.

Another reason why word-of-mouth doesn’t always work for plastic surgeons is that people are sometimes reluctant to announce that they want cosmetic surgery to improve a certain feature. This means they would rather self-refer than ask someone they know. Therefore, they start scrolling up and down the Internet, looking, comparing, deciding. But if you’re not visible to them, your chances of gaining a new patient are just not there.


Plastic Surgeons Gain Visibility Through SEO

According to the ASPS, there are around 7,430 certified plastic surgeons in the United States. That’s a lot of competition. So how do you get noticed? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the answer. To get noticed, you need high visibility. People need to see you, your team, and your credentials online.

With more visibility you can:

Increase Traffic to Your Page or Website

When you have more visibility online, more people will visit your site. The more visits you get, the better the chances that some visitors will stick around to find out more. What’s more, a good SEO company will be able to get the right people to visit.

Build up Authority and Credibility

This is your time to shine. Tell—and show—people why they should choose you. An SEO company will advise you on the best way to go about doing this.

Have a Comprehensive Online Presence

You want more than just traffic to your site. You want to show up on various social media platforms and professional directories as well.

Establish Your Reputation

By following good SEO practices, you will be branding your name and your practice. In this way, you will build a solid reputation that people can trust.


Attract the Right Buyers

Gaining more potential clients, generating traffic to your site, and building up a reputation are great starts. However, they are still not enough. Therefore, SEO companies dig in deeper with techniques that bring the right people to your practice. In short, the right people are those people who are seriously looking for a plastic surgeon.

To give an example, a client who is intent on getting cosmetic surgery won’t merely look up “nose reconstruction.” They might do that initially, of course, just to obtain information about the procedure. But when they have decided that they actually want a nose job, they will probably add into their search the location where they want to have the surgery. The job of an SEO company is to increase your odds that their search will eventually lead to you.


Optimize Listings

As a plastic surgeon, you are likely already listed in several professional directories. There is the ASPS, plus medical boards and societies, and even the Yellow Pages.

But these days, plastic surgeons need something more, and that something is SEO. As a practicing doctor, your schedule is busy enough without having to manage your SEO, too. There are professional companies to do that for you. So take comfort in knowing that, and hire an SEO company to do your SEO for you.