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Health and Safety Considerations for a Busy Workplace

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As a business owner, you have many concerns. Among them are profit, margins and resources. Not least, however, are safety considerations and the happiness of your staff. These are obviously among your central concerns. Moreover, you are required by law to ensure that your staff are safe while on your premises.

We have created a list of key safety considerations. If you are a new business owner you should implement these policies and practices before you start trading. If you are an established business, you should update your policies immediately to avoid fines and other liabilities.


Prevent Trips, Slips, or Falls

One of the biggest causes of workplace accidents are trips, slips, and falls. That’s one of the reasons why you need a workers’ comp lawyer.

Obviously, you will want to avoid trips, slips, and falls as much as possible. You are mandated by law to ensure that you make reasonable adjustment to your workspace to ensure that these incidents are rare.

The steps that you need to take to protect your business will be different depending on the industry. If you work in the catering or hospitality industry be sure to have safety mats in areas were the risk of a trip, slips or falls are most likely. These include the kitchen or bar areas in particular. We suggest that you consider safety mats from Kleentex to meet this requirement.

Avoid Accidents from Heights

Accidents from a height, for example falling from a ladder, are incredibly common. That’s because people do not adhere to the proper safety precautions.

As much as possible you should work from the ground. When that’s not possible, ensure that your employees can get safely to and from the place that they are working from. Furthermore, you should make sure that the equipment you use is fit for the purposes of working from heights. We recommend that you use combination ladders from BPS Access Solutions.

Ensure That Staff Know Your Policies and Other Safety Considerations

You can do as much as possible to have a safe workplace. However, if your staff are not aware of your internal policies and practices the entire exercise is useless.

Therefore, you must ensure that your staff have a clear and concise health and safety induction. You must make sure that the staff know to consult a copy of your safety policies. Ensuring that your staff are as informed as possible about safety considerations will mean that they can avoid workplace accidents. Moreover, if an unfortunate incident does occur your liability will be lessened.

Make Safety Considerations a High Priority

Workplace accidents are an unfortunate fact of our working careers. However, as a business owner you must mitigate the risk of an accident as much as possible. We have highlighted some safety considerations here. If you attend to them, you will help to ensure that you have a safe workplace and happy staff.