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3 Tools to Effectively Monitor Your Non-Desk Workers

When you employ non-desk workers, you’re faced with many challenges. For example, you need to track their workload and share important company information. Most important, though, is that you need to keep your non-desk workers engaged.

As a manager, it’s your job to keep your non-desk workers connected and motivated. An online team management tool can help you do all of this and more. However, take pains to ensure your employees don’t feel spied on by establishing a positive and responsive environment.

A recent study found that 38% of mobile workers and 45% of telecommuting workers absolutely love their jobs. Therefore, it’s all the more important to create a stable and open atmosphere with your non-desk workers. So be sure that employee monitoring is clearly defined. In this way, all parties will be happier and more motivated to give it their all.

Below you’ll find descriptions of three apps that can be extremely helpful in monitoring and engaging your non-desk workers.




1. Connecteam

Connecteam’s time clock app for multiple employees is super easy to use and requires no training, and most importantly, it was specially designed and built for non-desk employees. With multiple features, like time clock, chat, scheduling, surveys, mobile training and more, its never been easier to connect your team.

Their time clock function allows for more than just clocking in and out. You can also request absences, view current and past time sheets, see an employee’s GPS location, and add notes. Plus there’s an in-app chat capability and you can easily plug in an employee directory. With fixed monthly prices ($29 or $79), Connecteam makes it easier than ever to monitor and engage all of your employees.


2. Google Forms and Spreadsheets

Just about everyone is familiar with Google Forms and Spreadsheets, therefore implementing this app with your employees is easy and swift. Google Forms allow you to plan and manage all your business needs (like tracking inventory or planning a company event), create a poll or quiz, time off request forms, customer feedback forms, and so much more. Choose from a pre-existing template and instantly begin to make changes to suit your business needs.

Note that all of your employees can even work on the same file, just send them an invite and you’re all set. Additionally, Forms are responsive which makes it is really easy to “make, edit, and respond” to the forms. In real time, you can see any changes and can quickly respond yourself.


3. Trello

Simply put, Trello is a task management app which provides a visual overview of what is being worked on and who is doing the work. It is a nice and easy tool that’s great for mobile task management. Easily organize and prioritize tasks with Trello’s fun (yes, we said fun!) boards, lists, and cards. Quickly add attachments, comments, a due date and more to each card.

Choose from three pricing plans: Free, $9.99 per user/month, or $20.83 per user/month. Carefully review all pricing plans and choose the one that suits your needs best. Either use Trello from your PC or smartphone, it easily integrates into your everyday work life.


Connect Non-Desk Workers with the Rest of the Company

With the three tools described here, you can save time and money. Best of all, your non-desk workers will feel connected to the company they work for and productivity will rise. And when productivity rises so does profit. Now, doesn’t that sound like a win-win?