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Innovative Ways to Promote Your Business at Branding Events

Standing out in a crowd of thousands of people at a trade show is no easy task. This is especially true when a hundred other vendors are trying to do the same thing. For branding events like these, this is the time to attract attention and spread your name to those who aren’t familiar with your company.

And really, there is no single answer for how to stand out above the rest. However, there definitely are tricks that will help.

This means that you’re going to have to go further than the plain old stress ball giveaway. Here are some innovative ideas on how to promote your business creatively at branding events.




Spin the Wheel

Winning a gift is always a lot more fun than being handed one. So place a spin-the-wheel game at your booth. This will give people a reason to stop by and find out about your business.

What’s more, the prizes can be promotional gifts from Printkick. This will allow you to hand visitors something with your name on it. And this, of course, is the goal of advertising. With the giveaway, moreover, the point will be to make people excited about spinning. This will attract even more people to gather around your booth and join in on the fun.

The more people you draw in, the more people will be attracted to go and try the game at your booth. And this is exactly what you want.

So take this time to have some fun. And let people walk away with smiles on their faces and your brand on their lips.


Hand out Water Bottles Imprinted with Your Logo

At large branding events, it’s always the worst when you can’t find a place to refill your water bottle or even to find drinking water in general without having to pay an arm and a leg for it.

At your booth, you have the opportunity either to have a water refill station (which is great for the environmentally conscious patrons) or to hand out water bottles that have your name and logo on them.

This way, you’ll draw people in for something they want. And they will walk away with something you want them to have. It’s an easy win-win.


Give Away Localized Gifts

If you’re going to use the giveaway tactic, maybe think through what you’re giving away first.

A lot of businesses just get the bulk pen pack, beer openers, and water bottles to pass around. But most of this becomes useless outside of the event itself.

Instead, try giving away things to make the event itself better. Will this be one of those branding events that are held outside? Will the weather be rainy? If so, try handing out umbrellas or rain guards that people can use. Will the weather outside the hall be hot? Then maybe hand out pairs of inexpensive sunglasses or hand-held misters.

In any case, be sure to have your name and logo imprinted on whatever it is you hand out. This way, as people walk around holding your name-branded handout, others will see it. And when they do, they will flock to your booth in hoards. So be ready to give and converse!


Offer Phone-Charging Stations

Setting up a space near your booth for people to charge up is a great way to show them you care and to draw them near you, too.

When they stop to charge, have something for them to do while they wait. For example, they could play a game or fill out a crossword puzzle that has your brand logo on it. Within their short ten-minute wait, you will have even more opportunity to attract a lot of attention.


Make Branding Events Your Time to Shine

When it comes to trade shows and other branding events, you have to go the extra mile just to get noticed. Start with the suggestions here, then let your imagination soar. Create your own unique ways to spread the word about your company.