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Why Customized Ecommerce Solutions Will Dominate in 2019

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Ecommerce sales have seen a sharp rise in recent years. As a matter of fact, 18% of retail sales now come from the online retail sector. Even traditional retailers have taken notice. They have seen that these platforms play a vital role in boosting their retail businesses as well. In this post, we take a look at the latest trends in ecommerce solutions.



Customization is the new hot thing in ecommerce solutions. That’s because they provide benefits for both enterprise owners and users.

Specifically, a customized ecommerce platform enhances user experience. This results in greater conversions and more repeat customers. For example, a customized platform such as Shopify Plus makes searching easy for customers. It allows them to find what they are looking for more easily. This reduces bounce rates and increases the conversion rate.

Shoppers today are more demanding than ever. Some retailers may view this as a negative trend. However, customized ecommerce platforms can help tackle the problem. According to statistics, 80% of shoppers are more likely to purchase a product from a company that offers them a customized experience.

Moreover, when it comes to BigCommerce vs Shopify, online retailers are discovering that it can be easier to build a customized online store with Shopify Plus. That’s because they need to have only basic technical knowledge and skills. This makes the ecommerce solutions they find in Shopify Plus ideal for beginner enterprises as well as small- to medium-sized merchants.

Mark Goetze, co-founder of Motion RC, has said, “I have to commend Shopify Plus. That’s because they’re always adding functionality, and that includes the checkout. You wouldn’t believe how many customers enter the wrong address. So when Shopify added address verification, it put a smile on my face.”

A Mobile World

We live in a digital world, and the use of smartphones has increased significantly. What’s more, a large portion of the world’s population uses smartphones and tablets to access online shopping websites.

As a matter of fact, the number of sales made using smartphones has more than doubled over the past six years. And according to statistics, 54% of ecommerce purchases will be made on portable devices such as smartphones and tablets in the year 2021.

Mobile Responsiveness

Therefore, it is vital for enterprise owners to create websites that have a mobile responsive design. Ecommerce platforms like Shopify offer themes and Liquid templates that are designed to be responsive for mobile devices.

For example, when customers go to a website to make a purchase using a smartphone, Shopify Plus automatically changes the design to make it user-friendly. This gives customers a great mobile experience. What’s more, Shopify offers more than a hundred free and premium themes to choose from.

Shopify Plus also offers mobile-first payment features. As a matter of fact, Shopify had a greater number of mobile orders on Black Friday and Cyber Monday in 2017 than did BigCommerce. According to the numbers BigCommerce reported, its average was 50%. In comparison, Shopify’s was 64%.

Additionally, Shopify Plus has the feature of mobile-optimized checkouts. This is another of those ecommerce solutions which increase both sales and customer satisfaction.

Alan Cassinelli, Director of Marketing at Peel, said, “Accelerated checkouts really take advantage of the new technologies we have to purchase. It doesn’t make sense to have to re-enter the same information over and over again across all of the Internet.” Experts believe that these trends will be the norm in 2019 and beyond.

Additional Features

Ecommerce platform have an important role in the online retail world. Traditional platforms can no longer provide sufficient tools and features to meet customer demand. This is why ecommerce platforms like Shopify Plus have become increasingly popular in recent years.

Some of the other facilities and features offered by Shopify include:

  • Automatic marketing
  • Cross-channel sales record
  • Smarter payment processing
  • Multi-channel selling
  • Compatibility with multiple social media platforms
  • Inbuilt inventory management

All of these features give us an insight into the thinking of businesses and how they currently operate. So the question is, what the future will bring?

More Cutting-Edge Ecommerce Solutions on the Horizon

Most online ecommerce platforms encourage and facilitate user-friendly designs. Moreover, the development of inbuilt platforms has created better opportunities for online retailers. For these reasons, the ecommerce industry is flourishing.

According to a report by Statista, “The worldwide ecommerce market will have an increase in sales by over 246% by 2021. It is a constantly evolving industry whose future seems very promising.” Therefore, we can expect to see an increasing call from online retailers as well as from consumers for ever-more sophisticated ecommerce solutions.