Instagram features

The Latest Instagram Features for Promoting Your Business in 2019

Photo by Daniel Korpai on Unsplash

For as long as businesses have been around, they have been looking to promote themselves. When it comes to promoting your business, moreover, you need to be aware of the latest developments in this area. If you’re not, other businesses could already be a few steps ahead of you. To that end, we discuss here the latest Instagram features for promoting your business on that platform. We’ll discuss everything from using to boost your followers to the latest trends.

Instagram features

Promoting Your Business in the 21st Century

As you no doubt already know, much of your business these days can now be done online. Therefore we would like to discuss Instagram and some of the best Instagram growth services for your concern. In fact, many businesses have been advertising online since the Internet went mainstream. What’s more, many have come up with innovative ways to get their names out before the public.


Of course, the Internet itself has changed greatly over time. While simple ads were once enough, the rise of social media has brought a new era of sophistication to online promotion. That’s because social media, in particular, offers a more direct link between businesses and the people who purchase their goods and services.

Moreover, social media also offers businesses more control over their promotional tactics. This means they can be more creative with the content of the ads they produce. Contrast this with the old way of producing only one set of ads, then counting on those ads to do all the work until the time came to freshen things up again.

Instagram as the Platform of Choice for Businesses

There are plenty of social networks out there. And each of them offers something slightly different from all the others. However, there is one social network that is grabbing all the headlines now, and that’s Instagram.

Instagram stands out from other social media. That’s because users focus on presenting photos along with short messages for other Instagram users to see. This represents a big difference from its nearest rivals, Facebook and Twitter, where the focus is mostly on text.

Additionally, Instagram has a more user-friendly layout than other social media platforms. This makes Instagram easier for users to navigate.

There are also several Instagram features that have proven to be greatly successful for the site. Instagram Stories is one such feature. In it, users can add different forms of content to create a story. Moreover, the story remains online for only 24 hours. This creates a sense of urgency among Instagram users who fear they might miss out on something.

The Benefits of an Instagram Business Account

Instagram also offers its users the chance to upgrade to a business account. These accounts offer businesses the chance to do more with their Instagram account by making the most of additional Instagram features.

These features include adding direct contact links for your business to your profile. This feature makes it easier for your customers and potential customers to get in touch with you.

Another benefit of an Instagram Business account is access to analytics. These analytics will give you more detailed information about the Instagram users who are interacting with your account. This information will allow you to better prepare your posts and content. That’s because you will know what you need to work on and who you need to focus on.

Instagram Business also gives you the opportunity to work with Instagram Ads. This will increase the promotional aspect of your profile even further.

Promoting Your Business with The Latest Instagram Features

The key to helping your business raise its profile by way of these Instagram features is to attract more attention from other Instagram users. This will increase your profile’s popularity and make it more visible.

Engagement is key in the world of Instagram. This refers to the likes and comments your posts get from other Instagram users. It also refers to the number of followers you have. This is a particularly important number. That’s because the more followers you have, the more likes and comments you can count on.

There are numerous ways to achieve the level of interaction that will boost your business. For one thing, you could pay for it. Websites such as insta4likes offer Instagram users the opportunity to purchase a set amount of Instagram features. For example, you could purchase a certain number of likes, comments, and followers. Then real Instagram users will carry out these interactions under your instructions. In this way you have more control over the interactions, and you can put them to use more effectively.

More Ideas

Other ways of attracting attention for your profile include using hashtags that are related to your content. This method will attract people who have an interest in the area. Use several hashtags for each post in order to cast a wider net. However, make sure the hashtags you’re using are relevant to what your business offers. You can also add locations to your posts. This alerts people who are connecting to Instagram in your area about your posts. This is especially useful if your business has a physical location.