How to Change Your Office to Attract Specific Demographics for Recruiting

Photo by Helena Lopes on Unsplash

What is it that makes you stand out as an employer? Is it your company culture? Perhaps it’s your company’s reputation. Or maybe it’s the salary you’re willing to offer. Whatever your ace in the hole when it comes to attracting top talent, one thing all businesses can do to make themselves appear more attractive to certain demographics is to make that first impression count.

How you make that impression, however, will differ according to the people you want to impress. Here, we’ll take you through two completely different potential demographics. We will underline what you should be doing to draw them in and make them want to stay on board for the long run.





By 2020, almost half of the average workforce will be made up of millennials. Generally, these people are sociable and socially conscious creatures at heart. So, if you’re a young business looking to attract and hold on to top young talent, you’ll want to make sure your office is approachable and feels like home.

This can mean anything from making sure the coffee machine is fully stocked to creating lounge spaces and comfortable open-plan offices. Additionally, you can make your work-life balance policies clear from the outset.

Millennials are also statistically more likely to make their decisions based on a company’s environmental practices. If you want to attract top millennial talent, make sure your eco-friendly policies are up to scratch. What’s more, make sure to advertise them (without being too obvious, of course). Signing up to First Mile, for example, would be a great start. This company offers affordable recycling services to offices. In addition, make sure to switch all of your lights over to energy-saving LED bulbs.

And don’t forget the ever-present digital transformation rife in every sector under the sun. This means that it’s now easier than ever before to offer remote working opportunities to your employees. Of course, there are major benefits to having your employees onsite. However, if employees who have a particularly long and vexing commute to contend with express a desire to work from home occasionally, it might be beneficial to allow them to do so. Consider flexibility in the form of allowing employees to work from home one or two days a week, if they so desire.


Middle-Class Experienced Professionals

Whereas the opposite was once true, companies are now finding themselves competing for top talent. This is particularly the case when it comes to more experienced C-suite hires. These professionals are more likely to be impressed by formalities than their younger competitors. Therefore, make sure your office and its denizens treat the potential hire with courtesy and respect.

The vast majority of older, more experienced potential employees will also most likely come with a little baggage in the form of familial attachments. If a candidate is a particularly big catch, offer them access to free childcare. This could be what makes the difference for them.

These candidates will also be coming at you with questions, so make sure you’re ready to answer them. They will also be more likely to want to have their ideas heard and appreciated. Therefore, if you want to make them feel welcome, let them know that you value their input.


Demographics in the Workplace

Regardless of your company’s culture, you cannot legally exclude one demographic in favor of another. However, as you well know, your hiring practices will determine the future of your business. Therefore, there’s nothing wrong with trying to attract certain demographics in order to enhance your overall business strategy.