The health and wellness industries have peaked in recent years. More households than ever now prioritize their well-being. Because of this rising trend, massage centers, spas, and salons all over are booming. Moreover, there’s a high demand for more. Therefore, if you have an independent spirit, prefer taking control over following behind, and have the commitment to push through difficult times, you could be a great candidate to start your own massage therapy business.

What’s more, we’re here to provide you with tips on how to turn your dream into a reality in seven simple steps.


1. Get Certified

Before you take your idea any further, begin studying and attending classes in order to get fully certified for the industry. There are many massage schools that help prepare students for the licensure exam. Once you pass, you’ll be ready to move forward on the business aspect of starting up your own massage therapy business.


2. Get Involved in the Industry

The easiest way to break into the industry is to surround yourself with a network of people who know about it. Find people who are experienced in it, who may be able to provide support, resources, or opportunities for you. To get involved in this kind of community, check out some associations for massage therapists and try to join the ones that could benefit you.

Such member associations may be able to provide you perks just for being a member. Moreover, membership will also help build your credibility as a masseuse.


3. Choose Your Niche and Fulfill Specific Requirements

The next step is to decide where in the industry your business will fall. Perhaps you will decide to go down the classic spa massage route. Alternatively, you might develop a deep interest in the art of Thai massage. Or you could gravitate toward incorporating a physical therapist or sports therapy into your practice.

Whichever route you decide to take, get a comprehensive list of any certifications or licenses you’ll need. You’ll want to be sure you aren’t offering any services illegally by mistake.


4. Choose Your Business Name

Now that you’re technically ready to operate, it’s time for the fun stuff. Let the creative juices flow and decide on a name that best represents what your business is about. Be careful, though, because you want to make the right impression with it. What’s more, a poorly chosen name could come back to haunt you.

Once you’ve settled on the picture-perfect name, register it with the proper authorities. Should your first choice get denied, it’s smart to have some backup options just in case.


5. Put Time into Marketing

Making space in your budget for proper marketing is an essential business move. In order to be successful, your massage therapy business must be marketed well and available to your target customers. Make sure you are spending time on understanding your marketing so that you’re not over-spending on something that’s not effective. Research online for techniques to get your business on the map. There are many such strategies for small business owners. For example, some of our best marketing tips include:

  • Put Your Business on Social Media

Having a social media presence makes your business more accessible to customers. It allows them to get a sneak peak into who you are before actually making a buying decision.

  • Consider Paid Marketing

Things like pay-per-click digital advertisements can really pay off. What’s more, you can run them for just a few dollars per day.

  • Go Local

Consider your local marketing opportunities. Often, getting in front of the eyes of the locals in a way that’s familiar to them will help them become more likely to choose you. Consider any local magazines or newspapers you could advertise in. Perhaps you could even persuade a local reporter to write up a first look at your new business in the local paper.

  • Build Your Website Well

A clean website that’s easy to navigate is crucial, as customers are more tech-savvy than ever. Make sure the mobile version is user-friendly, as well. That’s because many people access these sites on their phones.




6. Find the Commercial Space

Meet with a local realtor to find the proper commercial space to rent or buy for the location of your massage clinic. When you’re evaluating options, put places that are quiet, accessible, close to transport and other retail at the top of your list. Once you’ve decided on the right place, don’t be afraid to negotiate with the landlord about paying the right rental price.

Fill in the space with the furnishings that give off the atmosphere you wish to create for your business. To save money, consider secondhand options. You are likely to find great quality items at a better price that way.


7. Host a Grand Opening of Your Massage Therapy Business

Now that you’ve got the legal paperwork done, have put thought into proper branding and marketing, and have located the perfect space to set up your massage therapy clinic, it’s time to open and let the business begin booming!

Host a grand opening and invite locals to get a first look at your space and your offerings. This will start your new massage therapy business off on the right foot. Your grand opening should give you a small batch of first customers. The key, then, is to keep them coming back and telling their friends about your fantastic massage therapy business.