Most businesses need a reliable call service for everyday communication. However, traditional phone systems are quite expensive. But did you know there is an option available nowadays? It’s called VoIP technology.

VoIP stands for “voice over Internet protocol.” VoIP technology offers the same phone benefits as traditional phone systems. However, it uses an Internet connection. Moreover, its advantages over traditional systems are uncountable. Here are ten benefits of using VoIP technology for business.


1. VoIP Technology Is Mobile

A traditional phone system assigns each phone its own unique number. If you move, you need to call your provider and ask them to transfer your numbers to your new home or office. In contrast, VoIP technology has no physical limitations.

Therefore, if your business involves frequent moves from one place to another, get VoIP from the best business VoIP provider near you. Your number will follow you wherever you go.


2. It’s Secure

Analog telephone connections are exposed. Compared to them, VoIP is far more secure. That’s because VoIP technology has standardized encryption protocols. The protocols make both your calls and your data more secure. This is something that is impossible to do with a regular telephone.


3. It’s Easier to Install, Configure, and Maintain

VoIP phones are as easy to install as making coffee. Instead of asking someone to come by and connect phone wires across your facility, you can set up the IP phone yourself and save some money.

It’s even easier to add new users to hosted VoIP software. What’s more, you can easily add, remove, or change users’ configurations. Even better, it’s inexpensive.


4. VoIP Technology Has a Low Cost per Call

All communication data is usually transformed into packets. Then it is sent over an IP network. That IP is your business’s Internet connection. Calls placed over landline are expensive. But if you use the Internet, both domestic and overseas calls are cheaper.




5. It Has Call Recording Services

VoIP allows you to record calls so that you can play them later. The recording services ensure that no important message goes missing. The modern VoIP is even more advanced. That’s because it allows you to review call logs, note times of high call volume, and view the average call time length.


6. Employees Move with Their Numbers

If you are thinking about expanding your office space and hiring more employees, don’t worry. Your employees will be able to work from any location. That’s because all hosted VoIP phone users can access a web portal and change the system whenever they wish. Moreover, users who travel a lot can communicate from the same number regardless of their location.


7. It Makes Conference Calls Simple

Since all calls use one converged network, conference calls are easier to create and participate in. This service is available by default to VoIP technology users. Moreover, it’s not expensive.


8. The Call Quality Is Excellent

VoIP technology has advanced such that a person at the other end can’t tell if you are using a traditional line or VoIP. In fact, today, VoIP has better quality calls than some traditional phones.


9. It Supports Older Technology Like Fax

IP faxing, or virtual faxing, is an added feature that comes with VoIP phone systems. It’s true, of course, that email and other instant communications have taken over. However, faxes are still necessary for some communications. You can receive faxes through the email account linked to your VoIP system.


10. There Is Automated Assistance

Every business has some frequently asked questions. With VoIP, you can program answers to those questions. This will allow you to respond to customers even when your office is closed. You can also program announcements. This will ensure that your customers receive optimal service at any time of the day or night.



If you care about your business’s progress you should embrace VoIP technology. This technology will make your business flexible and more competitive in the marketplace.