What Is the Future of Money? The Harald Seiz Theory

It’s a question that often gets asked: What will the future look like financially? Will cash be obsolete or will it make a comeback?

According to German entrepreneur Harald Seiz, CEO and founder of Karatbars International GmbH, the future of money is in a special kind of cryptocurrency.

The future is gold.


The Currency of the Future

In Seiz’s latest book, The Future of Money, he says that what we know money to be today is not future-proof. It will not stand the test of time. Moreover, he says, we need a different way to pay and invest. Since money has so many factors influencing its value, it’s volatile and will eventually lose its value.


Gold as Cryptocurrency

The future, according to Seiz, is gold. Not just any kind of gold, though. He’s looking at gold as a cryptocurrency. That is where Karatbars International comes in.

According to Seiz, gold is the one tangible asset that has historically maintained strong value even when the economy and the markets were in a downward spiral. When the markets crashed, and the economy was at its lowest, you could still turn to gold. In other words, gold is recognized worldwide as a stable currency.


Resolving the Issues

There are two issues that need to be resolved, though. The first is that gold is too expensive for the everyday person to purchase. That’s because until now, gold was currently available only in 100-gram bars that cost a fortune. Karatbars International solves this problem by cutting gold down into one-gram coins. This makes gold more affordable for more people.

“Everyone should be able to afford gold,” Seiz said in a statement.

The second issue is that gold, although once used as a form of payment centuries ago, is not currently viewed as a means of payment.




Gold as a Flexible Investment

To resolve this issue, Seiz has linked gold with cryptocurrency. This makes gold a flexible investment, and the result is Karatgold Coins (KBC).

The gold that Karatbars International harvests and sells are in small enough increments to use as payment. Moreover, with the introduction of Karatgold Coins, one can now buy reasonably priced gold. Then, through the blockchain of cryptocurrency, you can use your gold as a form of currency.

The cryptocurrency Karatgold Coins directly follows the value of gold. It has no outside influences from entities such as governments. Moreover, this cryptocurrency, unlike other cryptocurrencies, is backed by a tangible asset that has real-life as well as historical value. This makes Karatgold Coins stand out among other forms of cryptocurrency.


Gold: The Currency of the Future

So, then, what exactly is the theory behind the future of money according to Harald Seiz? His book, The Future of Money, explains it best. We live in a world that has lost faith in current currencies due to crashes of the economy. That is why people should turn to something tangible that withstands the test of time. And that something is gold.

By using Karatgold Coins, one can do just that. You get the security and safety of using cryptocurrency, which many believe to be the future currency for buying and selling. Additionally, you get the stability of gold. It’s a currency combination that provides a sense of security, just when people need it the most.