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Kajabi: The One-Stop-Shop Platform for Your Online Course Business

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If you’re running a business selling online courses, you can’t help but wear a myriad of hats. Depending on the phase you’re in with your business, you’d have to be the marketer, the product creator, community manager, web developer, and more. It can be overwhelming to say the least. That is why, if you want to streamline and optimize your online course business, you need a tried and tested online tool—one that can accommodate your growing needs as a business owner. Kajabi is one such tool.

The platform is often touted as a one-stop-shop solution, an all-in-one tool for online business owners, or an all-encompassing software to run a digital business. For this reason, we decided to check it out to see if it lives up to the hype.

The result? We were super impressed with what we saw. Therefore, if you’re thinking of starting an online course business (or you’re already running one), you need to check out what Kajabi has to offer.


Overview of Kajabi

kajabi 1

Kajabi is a knowledge commerce platform that empowers thousands of people to share and monetize their knowledge.

Through Kajabi, you can create websites, manage your users, market your business, create your products, and more. Moreover, industry leaders such as Chalene Johnson, Brendon Burchard, and Billy Gene use this platform.

Kajabi’s Key Features

Kajabi’s features can be grouped into four main categories: website creation, product creation, community management and marketing. Here’s how each one works.

1. Website Creation

The platform allows you to create websites for your online course business. Moreover, you could create a website for almost any type of online business with this platform. Through the site, you can create landing pages, homepages, static pages, a blog section, and so on.

Because Kajabi’s Premiere Framework theme allows you to customize your website into a myriad of layouts, you can create a beautiful site for your online course business in minutes.

Additionally, Kajabi has several pre-made layout presets available that users can choose from. Once you have chosen a layout preset, you can start adding content and customizing the theme’s styles.

kajabi 2

This is a screenshot of Kajabi’s website creation page.

kajabi 3

Here’s how it looks when you edit your pages using Kajabi’s editor.

2. Product Development

There are numerous product types that you can create through Kajabi. Among the many products are mini-courses, evergreen courses, email marketing courses, and evergreen training.

And because of Kajabi’s pre-made product templates, users can upload online course content without having to do much setup.

You can set your price, create offers, encourage upsells, and even send automated emails to people who abandon your checkout pages.

kajabi 4

This is Kajabi’s blank template for creating products.

kajabi 5

Here’s Kajabi’s Mini Course template for creating products.

3. Community Management

Kajabi’s People tab houses a good bit of its community management features. For example, it can show you the purchases made by a specific user and when they joined your community. In addition, you can offer them discounts, send them passwords, and so on.

4. Marketing

You can run email marketing campaigns, publish blog posts, set up automations, and even create events through Kajabi. These are just some of the platform’s main marketing features. What’s more, Kajabi even allows you to collect payments from your customers.

Another Kajabi marketing feature that’s worth mentioning is that they allow their users to create pipelines. They even have several pre-made pipelines:

  • Freebie
  • Sales Page OVO (Opt-in Value Offer)
  • Product Launch OVO
  • Coaching Campaign OVO

With these pipeline templates, you won’t have to set up your marketing funnels from scratch. You just need to pick a template, customize it, and add your content. Of course, if your funnel is a bit more complicated and none of the templates on the site fit what you’re looking for, you can also create your funnel from scratch.

kajabi 6

One of Kajabi’s key marketing features is the email sequence.

Minimal Learning Curve

From the Kajabi dashboard, all the way to the specific feature that you’re looking to use, you’ll notice immediately how easy it is to figure out how the platform works.

For instance, you’ll see all the key functions categorized and bundled up in one place. Moreover, even the words they use to label and describe their features are easy to understand.

Kajabi 7

Here’s a screenshot of Kajabi’s dashboard.

As you can see from the screen captures, it’s very easy to understand how the tool works. Even someone who’s fairly new in the platform will have a good idea of what they’re supposed to do on the pages they’re on.

When you think about how the knowledge commerce industry is often visited by people who want to make money out of their passion—but aren’t necessarily exposed to the workings of digital marketing—it’s crucial for them to have a platform that they can understand and use to monetize their passion.

Customer Support and Training Materials

However, if you do happen to come up against a roadblock and you need help with your Kajabi account, you’ll be happy to know that Kajabi offers a myriad of support options:

  • 24/7 Chat Support
  • Knowledge Base
  • Phone Support
  • Video Tutorials
  • FAQs


For as little as $149 per month, you can sign up for Kajabi’s basic package to start using the tool.

This gives you access to a good bit of Kajabi’s most useful features to help you run a successful online course business. For example, you’ll immediately gain access to creating landing pages, pipelines, your website, marketing emails, and so on.

However, if you’d like more advanced features, you can opt for Kajabi’s Growth Package at $199 per month, or the Pro Package at $399 per month.

Simply click this link to learn more about Kajabi’s pricing packages and their features.

What’s Next?

Because of the multifaceted nature of running an online course business, you need to have a reliable online tool, a tool that can cater to your needs.

Kajabi’s numerous features are geared toward helping you advance, organize, and streamline your online course business. Accordingly, you no longer need to sign up for various third-party apps. Kajabi has everything you need and then some.