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Predictive Dialers: 5 Benefits You Can’t Afford to Ignore

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Thanks to the technology of predictive dialers, the job of a customer service representative has become more efficient and practical.

In a typical cold-call setting, an agent will have to physically punch in every number before making a call.

However, processes and services are becoming more and more automated. Surely there’s a more productive way for a customer service representative to make calls.


Furthermore, there is always the possibility that an agent will accidentally key in the wrong number. This can lead to a wasted lead because the agent has called the wrong person. Moreover, the process itself can be time-consuming.

To make matters worse, the phone call might not go through even if the agent dials it correctly. Or an agent could get an answering machine instead of a live person.

This is where predictive dialers come in. A predictive dialer is software or a hardware device that automatically places calls. It connects agents upon live answer, and it can dial two or more numbers simultaneously.

Here are five benefits of predictive dialers you can’t afford to ignore.

Predictive Dialers Improve Agent Efficiency

Predictive dialers save agents time by eliminating manual dialing. Not only that, but agents no longer have to look up phone numbers.

This technology also connects calls to agents when a live person answers a call. What this means is that an agent no longer has to place calls and hit potential customers’ voicemails over and over again.

In short, during an age in which business owners value productivity, predictive dialers are making customer service representatives more efficient.

They Accelerate Sales

Because an agent doesn’t have to look up a list of phone numbers and manually type in each number, predictive dialers can accelerate the sales process. In theory, an agent will spend more time talking to real customers. Contrast this with an agent being idle while making phone calls and waiting for leads to answer.

Also, predictive dialers can predict how long an agent will be on a call. This is important because this technology can determine when to make the next call for the agent in question.

Moreover, predictive dialers use answering machine detection technology. This detects whether a call is being answered by a live person or an answering machine. Due to this feature, predictive dialers can lead to accelerated sales. That’s because an agent is linked up with a live caller, not his or her answering machine.

They Provide Cost Benefits 

Predictive dialers can save a company money in a number of ways.

For example, a company will need fewer outbound calls and therefore fewer agents. That’s because the software makes the calls as opposed to an agent dialing a list of numbers that may or may not reach a live person.

With this technology agents will spend more time on the phone with real customers. This means they’re talking to more leads that could become sales. What’s more, they’re also spending less time in idle mode. That’s because the software is constantly feeding them calls as opposed to the agents making calls manually.

In other words, more work, with possibly fewer employees, is getting done more efficiently.

They Ensure Your Company Stays in Compliance

An agent has to juggle a lot. Plus, it’s not easy to know when it’s legal to make a phone call. However, this technology ensures that your business makes calls within the mandated time window for each time zone. This supports the calling hours requirements for each US state.

Therefore, staying in compliance becomes second nature. It’s not something an agent has to worry about because the software takes care of it completely.

They Make for Overall Stronger Customer Service

Predictive dialers ensure you’re staying in compliance and meet mandatory calling hours. This ensures that agents contact customers at convenient times. That, of course, can have a positive effect on customer service.


Predictive dialers have many benefits that you really can’t afford to ignore. And the five benefits here are only the beginning.