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Make Use of These 5 Tips to Keep Your Employees Happy

Image by nastya_gepp on Pixabay

In the current economic environment, it’s more important than ever for employers to keep their employees motivated and content. More and more people will hop from one job to another if they see something better on the horizon. Therefore, it’s important to know how to keep employees happy if you want to keep them at all.

Keep Employees Happy by Treating Them to Lunch

Treating employees to lunch will keep employees happy in two ways. First, it’s a good idea to treat them to a free lunch once a month to show that you value all that they put into the company.

It is also a perk that can improve productivity. For example, if your employees reach individual or team goals for the month, offer a second free lunch. Alternatively, award things like gift cards.

In any case, make sure that you hire a quality lunch catering service. In other words, when you’re offering a free lunch make sure your caterer will provide excellent food. After all, your employees have earned it. Plus, a tasty free lunch will make everyone happy.

Provide Great Benefits

A good benefits package will cost you extra, but it will be worth the cost when you’re able to retain employees for longer periods of time.

Perhaps you already give paid sick leave or vacation time. In addition, consider also offering 401(k)s and retirement classes. Even better, give a salary raise that’s tied to seniority.

Whatever benefits you offer, these perks will keep your employees happy and motivated. Moreover, they will be aware that you care for their well-being.

Over time, you’ll discover that great benefits lead to more productivity. That’s chiefly because you’ll spend less time and money on constantly training new hires.

Allow Flexibility

Although your employees should still put in at least 40 hours of work a week, it should no longer be a requirement that they do so at a nine-to-five desk job.

Instead, modern employers embrace the flexible schedules that technology can bring. Therefore, if your employees wish to telecommute, let them do so.


Especially if they’ve shown that they’re consistent on the job, you can even allow them to set their own schedules. For example, a Georgetown University study from 2010 shows that workers who take advantage of flex time feel that their work-life balance has improved.

Other studies have also shown increased productivity when flexibility is implemented. In short, employees whose employers trust them with flexible schedules are happy employees.

Be Strong but Fair

You should always be ready to make a decision even if it may not be popular with your employees. For instance, if an employee seems to be less productive, you’ll have to take steps to correct the problem before it grows.

On the other hand, you also need to be able to trust your employees to do the right thing. Ask for their input or their ideas on a regular basis. Get to know them on a personal level while maintaining a professional tone.


What’s more, when you have to be stern or punish someone, don’t be unreasonably harsh in your actions.

Set Clear and Reasonable Goals

Merely making vague statements about moving forward doesn’t help to improve morale. You need to give your employees actual goals. Moreover, they need to feel that they can accomplish these goals in a reasonable amount of time.

Clear and reasonable goals will give your workers a sense of purpose. Additionally, these goals will increase productivity and bring about significant reductions in turnover and absenteeism.

Finally, your employees will have an idea of their progress. They will also have an understanding of the resources they’ll need to invest to get the latest project completed.


So provide your employees with perks and benefits. Offer them flexible ways of working and strive to keep them motivated. When you do, your employees will be loyal to you. That’s because you will have found ways to keep your employees happy.