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Why Is Having a Construction Project Manager Essential?

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All construction projects, whether small or large, require the efforts of both skilled and unskilled workers. These workers handle lots of specific tasks. What’s more, successful projects require the efforts of a competent and experienced construction project manager. Without the construction project manager, you would expect the team to fail due to poor coordination.

Here are six reasons why having a construction project manager is paramount in real estate development.

Effective Planning

From the onset of the project, it is the sole duty of a professional within construction project management services to oversee the project. This person will also streamline the process by reducing costs, minimizing risk, and shortening deadline schedules.

The professionals within this industry, such as those at Gilliland Construction Management, will help execute the project from concept to completion.

Risk Management

Construction projects require effective management skills. This is chiefly because risks are inevitable in the project management world. In other words, things often go wrong.

For instance, the water supply system could get damaged during the construction work. Naturally, this generally happens at the most inopportune time. This could lead to water damage that would weaken the structure under construction.


When this happens, a project manager is likely to call for emergency plumbing services. He or she would strive to have the problem fixed within the shortest possible time. Clearly, if your construction project manager has risk management skills, your project will recover sooner than it would in less capable hands.

Organization of Workers

The construction project manager is highly knowledgeable, skilled, and experienced. He or she knows how to find the right workforce for a successful project. Accordingly, it is the responsibility of the construction manager to recruit a team and assign duties.

The construction manager’s responsibilities may also include identifying reliable contractors. This person will know how to hire those who can be trusted to complete the work efficiently and on time. In short, the right manager will know who to bring in and at what phase of the project.

Effective Resource Allocation

Every construction project requires a combination of materials ranging from lumber and bricks to cement and sand.

Moreover, every project needs lots of equipment. However, an average individual wouldn’t know how to determine the quality and quantities the project will require. What’s more, only a skilled construction project manager will understand how to acquire materials and equipment economically in phases.

An experienced construction project manager has the capacity to ensure that all the project’s resources are used properly. The manager also helps avoid overestimating or underestimating construction materials.

Therefore, your project will have the proper materials, thanks to your construction manager. Moreover, your team will use these materials in the right quantities throughout the project.

Budget Management

Financial planning during a project is one of the most essential tasks. To that end, your project manager will evaluate your proposed project and determine if it fits your budget.

He or she will help to maintain neutrality. Therefore, your project will remain realistic and stay within your budget.

Based on a depth of experience with similar projects in the past, your project manager can help you make critical financial changes. These changes are part and parcel of any real estate development project. That’s because unplanned construction activities or expenses are common.


For all of these reasons and more, you need a professional on the ground. You need someone who will continuously monitor your staff as the project progresses. This continuous monitoring increases the chances of completing the project within the stipulated timeline.

Moreover, if any personality conflicts should arise within the team, the project manager is well-equipped to handle them.

Be Sure to Hire a Skilled Construction Project Manager

The success of your construction project depends on your having a skilled construction project manager. When you do, you can look forward to the successful completion of your real estate development project.