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Ever since YouTube launched in 2005, the use of video content has grown apace. Now, any small business owner really needs to include video as a major part of their marketing efforts. That is, they need to do this if they want their business to be competitive in the market place. You cannot afford for your business to miss out on using this highly effective tool.

The great thing is that you can record decent video content using just a high end smartphone. You can also choose to convert 8mm film, and other content you may have. This will make even older video content easy to view in the digital world.

However, it’s important that any video content you publish online is of good quality. Moreover, it must have something valuable to offer your customers and potential customers.

Where to Publish Video Content

It’s vital to be part of the online video experience. Otherwise, you could be missing out on a significant number of potential customers and sales. After all, Facebook alone generates an average 8 billion video views globally, every day.

You might also want to include video content on your website. What’s more, you could share it across other social media platforms, too. For instance, consider such platforms as YouTube and Instagram.

In other words, just because more people watch video content on Facebook does not mean you should concentrate your efforts there. Instead, analyze where your potential customers are more likely to hang out online. Then target those sites.


Why Video Content Is So Important

Video will allow you to connect with your audience in a more direct manner. They can hear and see what you have to say, right in front of them. It’s a more immersive experience than that created by text or images. This is important if you want people to engage with your business, especially if you have just started out.

Two of the major factors which increase trust of a brand are relatability and social proof. These can both be improved by using video. What’s more, they can help bring your brand to life. They’ll show how you relate to your customers and what they are looking for.

Once you have engaged with people, they go on to share your video content across social media. They thereby promote the reliability of your brand.

Why Video Is the Future of Content Marketing

Now that smartphones have completely taken over our world, video is likely to form the basis of most content marketing in the future. People can access videos across social media using a mobile device in just a few seconds. This is why it’s vital that any video content you produce is optimized for viewing across all devices.


Any small business owner needs to engage with as many customers as possible online in order to enable their business to grow. Using video as a major part of your marketing strategy allows you to do this by helping you to communicate directly. Moreover, it allows you to do this in a way that shows how you relate to your customers and their questions, needs, and issues.