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The Value of Animated Videos for Presenting to Clients

Animated videos are cost-effective and compelling. Plus, they take much of the stress out of client presentations. Read on to find out more.

The ability to successfully present and explain specific concepts and details to clients is a critical process for many businesses. On the other hand, failure to convey findings and promote ideas can result in terminated contracts.

Furthermore, presentations to clients are where the rubber meets the road for many business relationships. The information in presentations is generally the end result of weeks, months, or even years of hard work. Therefore, if the presentation process doesn’t go well, the dedication that went into its substance will be for nothing.

It’s for these reasons—and others we discuss below—that companies should consider using animated videos for their client presentations.


Most slide-based presentations to clients are hard to follow. That’s because they’re either incredibly dry or too industry-dense for most of the audience to understand. This is especially true for service providers specializing in very specific areas, like a GDPR consultant or a logistics analyst.

(GDPR, by the way, stands for “general data protection regulation.” It refers to guidelines about how entities can collect and process personal information in the EU. Dry indeed!)

However, by using animated videos, these and similar companies can grab the attention of their audiences during key presentations.


Animated videos can be reused an infinite number of times. This makes them highly cost-effective for businesses. This is especially relevant to companies that re-use specific segments of their presentations with every client.

In particular, a style of animation known as whiteboard drawings has a relatively low production cost compared with other options. Such videos produced 20 or even 10 years ago required much larger budgets. However, the power of digital technology has significantly lowered the cost of video production.


What’s more, a visually driven story can often cross language barriers. This is because the audience can relate to the action on screen, even without a word being spoken.

Of course, this is not a completely foolproof way of communicating across multiple languages. However, animated videos help make presenting to clients in multiple countries much easier.


For example, the previously mentioned GDPR consultancy is likely to work with clients in dozens of different countries. This means they would probably benefit from using an animated video.


Most animated videos are produced with an existing toolkit of sprites and other digital resources. In other words, animators can produce highly detailed videos. This is because they can reduce the amount of time they spend composing each individual piece.

What this also means is that animators can easily tweak your video if you should discover an issue with it. Compare this with live action video, where actors and crew have to assemble on set somewhere. Animated videos give you a much more affordable way of getting what you want.


The best thing about using animated videos for presentations to clients is that you don’t need to confine your videos to the presentation itself. Thanks to social media and sites like YouTube, you can share your company video across the web.

Of course, if the video contains proprietary information key to your business, this won’t be ideal. However, the option to share video adds to the value such media can have in fostering the growth of your business.

Take the Stress out of Client Presentations with Animated Videos

Many companies need to present information to their clients. In lots of instances, these presentations are a make-it-or-break-it moment for the company doing the presenting. Given this pressure, the value of animated videos for alleviating the stress of company presentations cannot be overstated.