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A Cold Stone Franchise Is Your Best Option: Here’s Why

Have you always wanted to own a business? What’s stopping you? Is it that you find the process intimidating? It’s true that starting a business is tasking. It’s risky and demanding. However, you don’t need to struggle with starting your own business. Instead, consider investing in a franchise and becoming a franchisee. This is an easier way of starting a business. And when it comes to franchises, Cold Stone Franchise is among the best.


High Rate of Success

Investing in a Cold Stone Franchise will give you a chance to succeed in business. That’s because the company has a comprehensive strategy for their franchisees. As a matter of fact, it aims at bringing returns within a short time after starting operations.

The strategy has worked. For example, Cold Stone Creamery is among the leading franchises when it comes to success. Compared with other franchises, it has the lowest rates of failure since the year 2010.

Training and Support

Starting a franchise with this company is the beginning of an exhilarating journey. Soon after you express interest, Cold Stone will train you about all the areas you need to know.

As a matter of fact, they offer training for your employees as well as for franchise owners. This is important. That’s because their training will set you in motion toward success.

Other franchises may help in a few areas, but Cold Stone will be there throughout your journey. They will prioritize your needs and even anticipate them. Therefore, as you run your business, you will gradually learn everything you need to know under their guidance.

A Bright Future

Business is a lifetime investment. Moreover, no one wants a venture that ends in failure. Choose a Cold Stone Franchise, and your business will have a promising future.

The entity began in 1988 in Tempe, Arizona. Back then, it was just a small store. However, it eventually expanded into hundreds of other outlets. What’s more, founders Donald and Susan Sutherland established a culture of growth that continues today. That’s why you are bound to enjoy expanding and growing in your business relationship with Cold Stone Franchise.

A Strong Brand

The Cold Stone brand has become a solid and well-known brand over the past 29 years. In fact, Cold Stone Franchise has more than one thousand franchises in the world. It becomes more popular every day for its tasty ice cream, cakes, shakes, smoothies, yogurts, and more.

Building a brand is hard work, and it takes time. However, by franchising for this company, you share its brand equity. In other words, you won’t have to spend a lot of money on marketing and brand positioning. As a matter of fact, Cold Stone continues to grow in popularity.

Low Cost and High ROI

Smart business people strive to reduce operational costs and maximize gains. This objective is a priority for Cold Stone as well. As a matter of fact, they ensure interested franchisees spend as little as possible when starting their ventures.

Therefore, the barrier to entry is low. Doors are open to all potential business people. That’s why the cost for a Cold Stone Franchise is lower than starting your own business or even choosing another franchise. For example, the cost ranges from $277,000 to $464,000, an affordable price.

Moreover, not long after starting operations, your business will begin to yield. You won’t have to wait long before you start seeing returns.

Invest in a Cold Stone Franchise and Enjoy a Bright Future

Starting a business does not have to be hard and risky anymore. So don’t invest hundreds of thousands in a venture that will exhaust you and drain your resources. Instead, become a franchisee at Cold Stone Creamery and enjoy a bright future.