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Outsourcing SEO: Should You or Shouldn’t You? Why or Why Not?

Image by Photo Mix from Pixabay 

As the owner of a small business you don’t have to become an expert in SEO, but you do need to invest in it. What’s more, you might not realize that outsourcing SEO could be your solution.

Running a business isn’t easy. You have enough on your plate already, so when someone mentions search engine optimization, you’d probably rather ignore it. But you do so at your own peril, because modern businesses—including small businesses and local businesses—rely more than they might realize on traffic driven by search engines. This is true across all the industries, including eye care where firms like Visionary Eye Centre regularly outrank their competition with their prowess in search engine optimization


Here are a few reasons why you should be considering outsourcing your search engine optimization needs.

SEO Has Never Been More Important

If you run a business—any kind of business—then you need to care about search engine optimization. These days, your customers and clients live their lives online. They almost certainly carry around smartphones. And they perform mobile searches on their phones that yield local results. Those results either drive them to your business or to a competitor. It all depends on how you rank amid the local competition.

Local search is the new window shopping. Search engines are the new main streets, the new phone book, the new word-of-mouth. In short, they’re everything to all kinds of businesses.

Moreover, it’s nearly impossible to understate how important they are in driving traffic to your business. You need search engines. However, search engines will help you out only if you play by their rules. This means you must adopt SEO best practices. In other words, you need to impress the algorithm, and that’s what SEO is all about.

SEO Is Complicated

Back in the day, mastering the art of search engine optimization didn’t take much more than building out a lot of backlinks. Backlinks are still important. However, things have gotten a whole lot more complicated since the early days of Google, as the SEO experts at Link Graph explain.

If you’re basing your SEO on links alone, you now have to worry about things like domain authority, the text within the link, the text around the link, and more. And then there’s all the stuff besides links. That is, things like keyword density, images, metadata, and much, much more.

As if this weren’t already complex enough, Google is constantly updating its algorithms. What’s more, the company is adamant about keeping them secret.

Unraveling the mysteries of Google’s algorithm and figuring out what modern SEO best practices should look like is a full-time job—literally. So hire someone who does that job, and keep focusing on yours.

Focus on What You Do Best—and Let Others Do the Same

You founded your business because you were good at something, and because you had a passion for it. Those things are still true now, yet you’re probably finding yourself with less and less time available to focus on the key things about your business.

Small business owners find out fast that time is a limiting factor for business leaders. There’s simply not enough time in the day to focus on both your company’s basic needs—like payroll, taxes, and, yes, digital marketing—as well as on your business’s core competency.

In short, if you’re going to focus on the products or services that are the whole purpose of your business, then you’re going to need to let other people handle other things. Among the rest of those things, outsourcing SEO is what you need to do.

Outsourcing SEO Is Your Solution

Often, the most cost-effective solution for your business is to spend money on smart outsourced solutions that let you keep your own payroll lean. What’s more, this keeps your focus where it belongs—on your business.

So free up more time for you and your top employees to do what you do best. Hire someone else to handle your search engine optimization concerns by outsourcing SEO.