GMAT FAQs: Answers You Need

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Completing your graduation with a business degree is a critical juncture in your life. Here you are, standing at the crossroads where education, career, and everything else in your future come together. If you are a business school graduate and graduate school is in your plans, the GMAT is surely on your mind.

At this point in their lives, many students have questions about the GMAT. Therefore, here are answers to some frequently asked questions. Hopefully, this article will clear up any confusion.

What Is the GMAT?

GMAT stands for Graduate Management Admission Test. If you have already enrolled in a GMAT online course or are planning on it, the next few weeks of your life until the test will be busy ones. You should have highly structured study plans, schedules, set goals, and mock tests before you. Of course, all of this will be a lot of hard work.

Where Can I Register?

You have to register for the GMAT by signing yourself up on the official GMAT website. Therefore, create an account on that site. Then book a convenient slot for your exam by choosing your preferred date, time, and location. Keep in mind that you will need to use the same user ID and password to log in for any subsequent check-ins on this website.


Can I Reschedule My Test?

GMAT is quite flexible, allowing candidates not only to choose their preferred exam date, time, and location, but also to reschedule it. Therefore, if your chosen slot is no longer convenient for you, just log into your account and make the adjustment. However, you might have to pay a small rescheduling fee. Also, if you have an emergency and you must reschedule less than a week from your originally selected date, the rescheduling charges will be slightly higher.

How Many Times Can I Sit for the GMAT?

Unfortunately, you cannot retake the exam as many times as you want. There is a limit to the number of times one candidate can sit for it. Specifically, you are eligible to appear for the GMAT up to a total of five times. Moreover, you must leave a gap of 12 months between every attempt.

How Important Is My English Fluency?

Your grasp of English is quite important for the GMAT. That’s because the exam not only tests your management, analytical, and reasoning skills, but also your language and writing skills. Therefore, it is important that you work on your English language and grammar skills, especially if you are a non-native English speaker.

How Long Does the GMAT Take?

The duration of the GMAT is 3.5 hours, divided into 30 minutes each for the analytical writing assessment and the integrated reasoning sections. The quantitative section is allotted 62 minutes, while the verbal section is 65 minutes.

Can I Bring My Calculator?

No, you do not need to carry your personal calculator. That’s because you will have access to an on-screen calculator for all your calculations. Also, you won’t be asked to complete exact or detailed calculations for the quantitative questions.

Make the GMAT Your Stepping Stone to a Bright Career

Taking the GMAT is a defining moment as you begin to prepare for graduate school. It can be your stepping stone to a bright career. What’s more, with a little hard work and some careful planning, you will earn a high score on the GMAT.