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5 Steps to Iron Out Your Marketing Strategy

You’ve finally done it. After the tedious process of trial-and-error, you have a KILLER product that will change the world! Now you need to create an efficient marketing strategy with a purpose.

Read on for five steps to iron out the wrinkles in your marketing strategy so you can effectively market your product to the wide world of consumers.

How to Market a Product in 5 Steps

1. Prepare Your Marketing Strategy

When pushing your product to consumers you’re going to want a marketing plan for both broadly and specifically targeting potential customers.

Therefore, it’s important to outline a marketing strategy so that you can attack your advertising and appeal to a wide range of people.

On the other hand, determining your product’s niche market will help you focus on customers with a direct need for it.

If you don’t have previous marketing experience, fear not, There are marketing plan outlines you can find online to get you going in the right direction.

2. Sample Different Ad Campaigns

Spoiler alert: A successful ad campaign isn’t created overnight.

In fact, it may take you several tries to find an ad campaign that sticks, but don’t let that get you down. That’s the fun of it!

It’s important to test many different types of marketing campaigns within the demographics of the target customers you’re trying to reach.

Even more important, listen to the feedback you receive. Make notes on each one. You’ll most likely find a pattern in the feedback that will point you in the direction you should be going with your marketing strategy.

3. “Tease” the Market

There’s no better marketing strategy and no better way to generate interest in your product than to get your product into the hands of your target customers.

Additionally, put your product in front of experienced industry executives. What’s more, take in all the feedback they give you. If they like your product, they can show your product off to their network and customer base. This is instant advertising for you!

Go to conventions and hand samples to customers. Also, plan your own business blog, or start your own YouTube channel using a Youtube channel art template. In other words, show the world on your own!


Additionally, expose your customers to the uses of your product. This will have them ready to purchase when you release your product.

4. Make Testimonials a Key Part of Your Marketing Strategy

Testimonials are an invaluable piece of your marketing strategy.

Any positive feedback you’ve received from people who tested your product is worth its weight in gold. So now it’s time to flaunt those testimonials to the world and show potential clients why they too need your product.

Therefore, place testimonials anywhere you can: on your website, packaging, reviews online, and ESPECIALLY in advertisements!

5. Start, Then Adjust

Finally, it’s time for action!

Start your advertising campaign with the outlets you’ve noted as the best fit to reach your target consumers.

However, don’t place all your eggs in one basket. Any marketing strategy worth launching will use several outlets. This way you could reach multiple consumers. Moreover, you might even double-down on consumers who see your ads on multiple channels.

After a while, study your product’s sales and the outlets from which the sales came. 

Once you notice trends, adjust your marketing strategy and focus on what worked. Meanwhile, fix (or nix) what hasn’t.

Plant the Seed and Watch Your Marketing Strategy Grow

Now that you’ve honed your marketing strategy down to the last detail, you can watch your hard work pay off.

You now know how to market a product. However, do be sure to check out our article on ways to improve your sales funnels.

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