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5 Ways Project Management Helps SEO Agencies in Growing Their Business

Prospects expect their search engine optimization agencies to project an aura of, well, optimization. In the digital age, it is difficult to hide supply side inefficiency. Prospects will not suffer fools long. If you do not have a proper project management solution in place as you scale your agency, you could find your business in trouble even if you were initially scaling it in the right direction.

Some decision makers view project management as a useless bureaucracy, an expensive middleman that does not deserve a mention in the queue of daily operations. However, savvy companies know the true value. Here are just five ways that project management helps SEO agencies in growing their businesses.

If it gets tracked, it gets done

Performing SEO for a single client can quickly become a complex web of interdepartmental collaboration, pending tasks, and feedback loops. You may need to involve your client at times. Also, you might need to coordinate a team remotely through the cloud.


Notably, many of these organizational tasks are better accomplished through a system than through an individual or even an operations team. Incorporating modern project management ensures synchronized scheduling between the many nodes your agency needs to coordinate.

Freemium project management no longer inspires confidence

Do you want the big franchise clients who order SEO automatically every month and pay a premium for the privilege? These are not the types of companies that will respond well to your spreadsheet-based project management. In short, do not go into a meeting with whales when you’re using email to coordinate tasks. That is, unless you want to see whales turn into sharks.

A better workflow means more clients

Often, an agency is unable to scale because its current manpower is at the edge of its level of productivity. Hiring new people, however, is just too expensive. On the other hand, the cost-effective solution is a good project management system.

With the proper system in place, you automate simple tasks, relieving your overworked staff. You completely eliminate the human error that comes with the data input and synchronization stages of operation. You also inspire confidence in your people. They will be re-energized once they realize that you are investing in their ability to produce.

Delegation analysis creates better teams

One of the most important attributes of professional project management software is the ability to go back and see what worked and what didn’t. What team or individual was the bottleneck? Did someone outperform?

You now have quantitative evidence informing the delegation of tasks in the future. In short, with better project management at your fingertips, you become a better project manager.

project management
Project management helps SEO agencies.

Improving customer service is essential to growth

No SEO agency is going to perform at peak capacity at all times. Your customer doesn’t like that excuse, though. The solution is to do your best on the initial run but take copious notes. In this way, subsequent iterations of your efforts improve continuously.

However, you can only do this when you can pinpoint exactly where a problem occurred. Where better to find problems than on an accessible user interface with processes meticulously laid out in plain language? Proper project management improves customer service. And this keeps customers coming back for more.

Make Project Management a Top Priority and Your Agency Will Grow

If you plan to grow your SEO agency in the modern business landscape, project management must be a top priority. Consider the perspective above if you are considering a new project management solution or switching away from a legacy. The future of your agency may very well depend on how you organize your tasks today.