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4 Reasons Why Using Resumonk Can Help You Land the job You’ve Always Wanted

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On your way to becoming the entrepreneur you aspire to be, you might need to work for someone else for a while. In that case, you’re going to need a top-notch resume. That’s because landing the job of your dreams can make all the difference in the trajectory of your career.

As you search through the online job postings, there may be some opportunities that sound like a perfect fit. In these situations, you need to make a strong first impression so you are considered for the job. 

Traditionally, the first step in landing a job starts with a very important piece of paper: the resume.


Brush up Your Resume

There is a lot riding on this document. And like it or not, much of the candidate qualification process is still heavily based on the resume. Of course, it is quite difficult to truly judge someone based on this piece of paper, especially considering the fact that many recruiters spend less than one minute scanning each resume.

If you are going to land the job of your dreams, you need to be sure that your resume impresses hiring managers so that you can pass this crucial first round of qualification. For this purpose, Resumonk is an online resume-building tool that helps job seekers create appealing and easy-to-read resumes. With a resume you create on Resumonk you will ace the initial qualification process. Here’s how.

1. A Good Resume Increases Qualifying Factors

Unfortunately, the smallest of mistakes can mean that even highly qualified candidates are passed up on. For example, if a resume is full of misspelled words, is formatted incorrectly, or is simply unattractive, recruiters will not hesitate to pass on it. In fact, 77% of hiring managers will disqualify a candidate right away based on a typo or grammatical error.

Mistakes like this happen all of the time, and even super talented candidates may forget the small details. Resumonk can help you avoid this. That’s because each template is formatted to avoid these mundane—yet game-changing—blunders. Also, Resumonk guides you to go into deeper detail regarding your past positions so recruiters can have a better idea of your work history and experience.


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Another common issue with resume qualification often arises if a company requires a certain formatting for application, such as a PDF file, Word Doc, or JPEG. If you send in the wrong format and a recruiter cannot read the file, you will automatically be disqualified. Resumonk allows you to save each resume in multiple formats to ensure that it meets these criteria.

2. Create Optimized Resumes for Specific Opportunities

If you have an eclectic mix of work history, it can be distracting and confusing to the recruiters who are trying to qualify you. This is particularly true for a candidate who has a long and widely varied job history. Having various skills and experiences certainly doesn’t disqualify you. However, it can distract from the details that are relevant to the job you are currently applying for.

Therefore, Resumonk allows you to make multiple versions of your resume so they are optimized for whatever position you are applying for. For instance, say that you have a degree and job experience in marketing, but you have also worked in retail sales. In this scenario, your skills and job history are split between these two types of positions.

Using this tool, you can create multiple resume templates that are focused on the exact skills and experiences in both of these areas. This way, your resume will reflect that you are a qualified candidate for specific positions that may be geared toward marketing or customer service.

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3. Rely on Cohesive Formatting for Faster Qualification

Even for small businesses, it is quite common to receive hundreds of applications for a single position. In fact, the average number of resumes a business receives for an available position is 250, with only about five candidates being invited for an interview.

This leaves recruiters with massive piles of paperwork and lots of digital documents to glance over, a process that can take days or even weeks. Time is of the essence when it comes to the qualification process. Also, as a candidate, you want to hear back from them sooner rather than later.

As recruiters scan through these hundreds of applications and resumes, they are naturally looking for specific things. For example, they want to see job history, years of experience, degrees, and certifications, and so on.

Therefore, you can help to make the qualification process easier by formatting your resume in a logical and organized fashion with a Resumonk template. Although there are multiple formats to choose from, they are all designed for easy reading and skimming.

From a recruiter’s perspective, it can be quite frustrating to try and spot the information they need to qualify a person when their resume is set up in a non-traditional way. However, when resumes are formatted in a commonly preferred fashion, it’s that much easier for recruiters to find the information they are looking for.

4. It’s Easy and Quick

If you have ever created a resume from scratch, you know the task is quite daunting. Even on a template builder, manually filling in your information can take a lot of time. This is especially the case when you are applying for different titles.

Thankfully, Resumonk is designed to make it easy to create a resume from scratch or update your existing one on file. What’s more, you can convert your LinkedIn profile to a well-formatted resume using Resumonk in just a few minutes.

This means you can create a new resume with all of your skills and job history with just a few clicks, making it much easier to create specific versions for each job you apply for.

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Resumonk also offers some great resources to help you phrase your job history correctly. There are lots of tools and articles to help you choose powerful keywords that will catch recruiters’ eyes and help them get an understanding of your strengths.


Finding a new job and deciding which opportunity to pursue is a major decision. However, in order to get to the point of making that decision, you first have to get through the door and into the interview room.

You can make yourself a more attractive candidate by using Resumonk to optimize your resume for specific job postings. In short, Resumonk will help you to present a professional-looking document that stands out.