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6 Common Investment Errors That Can Cost You

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It is common for newbie investors to make mistakes. Sometimes these investment errors can cost them a lot in profits. In some cases, even experts in the field make mistakes, not because they do not have the experience but because an investment is full of uncertainties.

Therefore, as an investor, you need to take note of some common errors whether you’re an expert or just starting out. According to Capital 19, the following are some common investment errors that you should be aware of:

Investing in Something You Do Not Understand

One of the key investment errors you should avoid is looking only at a company’s gains and then deciding to invest. Instead of doing that, you should try to understand what the stocks represent. Therefore, get to know the company’s business model.


When you do that you can assess the model to see if it is worth your investment. Although it is difficult to determine if a business is viable or not, knowing more about the company will help you to make a more informed decision.

Too Many Short-Term Investments with Quick Turnovers

Investments come with transactional costs, and these costs can eat up your profits if you incur a lot of them. There are also short-term taxes that you should avoid.

Therefore, one of the investment errors you should avoid is investing in too many short-term investments.

It is better to look for long-term investments with good gains than to jump from one short-term investment to another. You should only consider an investment with a quick turnover if you are an investor who benefits from low commission rates.

Not Diversifying Your Portfolio

One way to avoid losses is to diversify your portfolio. For example, if you are building a mutual fund or EFT portfolio, allocate an exposure to all primary spaces. In the same way, you should remember to invest in all significant sectors when you are building an individual investment stock portfolio.


Getting Investment Guidance from the Wrong Places

Getting the right information before making investment decisions is important. This is one of those investment errors that is easy to avoid.

There are lots of people who think of themselves as experts, but they can end up offering inaccurate information to investors. Therefore, if you know you need information from an expert, look for a wise expert with a strong track record.

Investing Money You Can’t Afford to Risk

When you invest money that you cannot afford to lose, you make an investment error that can be costly on many levels. You could end up making buying and selling decisions you might not have made otherwise, for example. Investment is a high-risk venture. Therefore, you should always understand that you can lose as well as make a profit.

Being Impatient

Many investors assume that once they invest in stocks, those stocks will start bringing them gains. However, investments do not work that way. Your investment strategies can take several months or even years to produce positive results. And if you are impatient and decide to take out your investment or stop investing, it can affect your profits. You need to take note of a realistic timeline before you invest in stocks.

Investment Errors Can Cost You Money

Avoid the six investment errors we discuss here and enjoy more profitable investing as well as less stress in your life.